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LuLu Hypermarket Al Qusais
LuLu Hypermarket Al Barsha
LuLu Hypermarket Karama
LuLu Supermarket Karama
LuLu Center Deira
LuLu Center Karama
LuLu Express Al Quoz
LuLu Express International City (France Q3)
LuLu Hyper Market Arabian Center
LuLu Village
Above listed store information and timings are to the best of our knowledge and may change without prior notice. Timings may change during Ramadan and public holidays and hence kindly check with the stores to avoid last minute disappointments. Last updated on May 31, 2016.


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Sale & Offers


LuLu’s Specially Imported Offers

Check out the reduced prices on imported premium food products at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai.

Offer valid until Sep 5, 2016


LuLu ‘Get Set for School’ Promotion

Shop at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai and enjoy great savings on school bags, stationery, printers, lunch boxes, garments, snacks, footwear and much more.

Offer valid until Sep 4, 2016


Huawei Offers at LuLu

Avail gift vouchers worth up to AED 200 on select Huawei smartphones at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai.

Offer valid until Aug 31, 2016


LuLu Half Pay Back Promotion

Spend AED 200 on Fashion, Footwear and Baby Accessories at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai and get back AED 100 as shopping vouchers

Offer valid until Sept 16, 2016


LuLu Best Offers

Avail reduced prices on Travel beds, Air Pillows, Hajj Towels, Mussallah’s etc at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai

Offer valid until Sept 3, 2016

19 Aug 2016

LuLu Back to School Offers

Avail special prices on a wide range of Disney School bags, pencil pouches, lunch bags, trolleys etc at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai.

Offer valid until Aug 30, 2016


LuLu’s Get Set For School Offers

Save more when you shop at LuLu Hypermarkets across Dubai and avail great prices on snacks, confectionery, spreads, plastic containers and much more.

Offer valid until Aug 27, 2016





LuLu Past Sale & Offers

Listed below Past sales and offers from LuLu to help you guess when the next sale would be
FromTo PromotionDeal
11/08/201617/08/2016Delsey Deals
10/08/201625/08/2016Lulu Value Offers
04/08/201616/08/2016AED 10, 15 & 20 Offers
01/08/201610/08/2016Summer Shopping Mania
28/07/201603/08/2016Lulu Cost Savers
27/07/201607/08/2016Specially Imported Deals
21/07/201626/07/2016Good Morning Offers
18/07/201630/07/2016AED 19, 29, 39 Offers
14/07/201623/07/2016 LuLu Special Offers-
13/07/201616/07/2016LuLu’s Ultimate Guide to Real Savings-
05/07/201610/07/2016LuLu’s Amazing Eid Offers-
30/06/201602/07/2016LuLu Weekend Flash Offers-
30/06/201609/07/2016Bergner Ramadan Delights at LuLu-
29/06/201610/07/2016LuLu Eid Delights-
28/06/201611/07/2016LuLu Special Offers-
24/06/201626/06/2016LuLu Weekend Flash Offers-
22/06/201603/07/2016LuLu Happy Holiday Deals-
22/06/201625/06/2016LuLu’s Special Offers on LAV Glassware-
20/06/201630/06/2016LuLu’s Exclusive Dishwasher Offer-
15/06/201628/06/2016LuLu Special Offers-
13/06/201625/06/2016Barbarella Promotion at LuLu-
09/06/201609/07/2016Portable Router Deals at LuLu-
09/06/201622/06/2016LuLu Travellers Delight Promotion-
06/06/201611/06/2016LuLu Fast Breaks-
04/06/201611/06/2016Huawei Deals at LuLu-
01/06/201610/07/2016Sharing is Caring Promotion at LuLu-
26/05/201611/06/2016LuLu Ramadan Promotion-
26/05/201601/06/2016Nikai Cool Ramadan Offers at LuLu-
25/05/201605/06/2016LuLu Ramadan Delights-
16/05/201625/05/2016LuLu Ramadan Offers-
16/05/201608/06/2016Summer Sale at LuLu-
10/05/201616/05/2016LuLu’s ‘Mother’s World’ Promotion-
28/04/201609/05/2016LuLu Dazzling Beauty Offers-
27/04/201603/05/2016LuLu Summer Savings Offer-
27/04/201607/05/2016Homewell Promotion at LuLu-
19/04/201626/04/2016LuLu’s AED 10, 15 and 20 Deals-
13/04/201623/04/2016LuLu’s ‘Great Britain – Great Offers’ Promotion-
11/04/201614/04/2016Lulu Vishu Offers-
09/04/201615/04/2016LuLu Imported Premium Food Offers-
07/04/201612/04/2016LuLu’s Ultimate Guide To Real Savings – Vol 2-
06/04/201616/04/2016Homewell Deals at LuLu-
31/03/201604/04/2016Lenovo Deals at LuLu41%
30/03/201602/04/2016LuLu’s Spring Electronic Bonanza40%
29/03/201610/04/2016High Sierra Deals at LuLu-
25/03/201610/04/2016Home of Dreams Promotion from LuLu-
25/03/201606/04/2016LuLu Food Fiesta Promotion-
21/03/201628/03/2016LuLu’s Best Easter Deals-
17/03/201602/04/2016 LuLu Back to School Savers-
17/03/201616/04/2016LuLu Half Pay Back Offer-
17/03/201624/03/2016Giordano Exclusive Offers at LuLu-
14/03/201602/04/2016LuLu Big Bag Offer50%
07/03/201613/03/2016LuLu’s ‘Go Organic’ Promotion-
03/03/201610/04/2016du Big Savings Offer at LuLu-
26/02/201605/03/2016LuLu Cost Savers-
25/02/201605/03/2016LuLu Digi Savers-
25/02/201629/02/2016Lenovo Deals at LuLu-
22/02/201628/02/2016Best Of Egypt Promotion at LuLu-
18/02/201627/02/2016LuLu’s ‘It’s Electrifying’ Promotion-
18/02/201601/03/2016Touchmate Bundle Offers at LuLu-
15/02/201623/02/2016LuLu’s AED 10, 15 and 20 Deals-
13/02/201617/02/2016Carlton’s Pack Your Bags Offer at LuLu-
09/02/201615/02/2016Valentine’s Day Offers from LuLu-
03/02/201607/02/2016LuLu Half Price Full Value Promotion50%
28/01/201631/01/2016LuLu Month End Flash Offers59%
27/01/201631/01/2016LuLu’s Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion-
22/01/201630/01/2016LuLu Savings Offers-
22/01/201601/02/2016LuLu Deal of The Year – Vol 3-
21/01/201631/01/2016Scotch Brite Promotion at LuLu-
21/01/201626/01/2016LuLu’s ‘Namaste India’ Promotion-
14/01/201601/02/2016Nikai Festival Blast at LuLu-
12/01/201620/01/2016LuLu Deal of The Year – Vol 2-
12/01/201621/01/2016LuLu Cost Savers-
11/01/201601/02/2016BaByliss Offers at LuLu-
11/01/201601/02/2016Aftron Home Pack Offer at LuLu-
09/01/201601/02/2016Elekta Deals at LuLu-
08/01/201610/01/2016LuLu’s Ultimate Guide To Real Savings-
02/01/201610/01/2016LuLu Deal of The Year-

About LuLu

Lulu_logoLulu Hypermarkets, part of the Abu Dhabi based EMKE Group is an extremely popular retail outlet with more than 100 stores across the Gulf region. It has a range of international and regional brands- from groceries to garments under one roof mainly catering to the South Asian and Arab Expat population. Today Lulu is considered as the Walmart of the Middle East. Lulu hypermarkets have a loyalty program with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and offers discounts on purchases made using ADCB lulu cards.


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