10 Best Electric toothbrushes

Philips Sonicare 2 Series                        

10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversA smile is the best thing a person can wear. But behind every great smile lies a set of pearly whites. Based on numerous reviews, Philips Sonicare 2 Series is one of the most recommended electric toothbrush to fulfill this purpose.

With a two minute timer and improved brushing techniques, the highlight of this product lies in its effectiveness in the completion of a task in the most comfortable way possible. Being a sonic toothbrush, the vibration of the brushing head is used to remove plaque by providing the minimum amount of irritation to the gums

The best part perhaps is that, this toothbrush has a timer that effectively allows it’s uses an organised method to brush their teeth. This methodology also ensures proper dental hygiene without the risk of damage. At $40, the Sonicare 2 is a wise purchase in improving your dental health.

Price : Dhs. 579 

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Oral B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush


10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversUnlike Philips sonicare series, this product is an example of an oscillating model.  Although, it gets the job done this toothbrush could be a little bit more harsh to sensitive gums. It offers a built in quad pacer, whose methodology purely based on organise.

It breaks it’s 2 minute times into 4 consecutive 30 second intervals which focus on giving you perfect dental hygiene.

Ignoring the tickling sensation that could be considered as uncomfortable, this toothbrush is a sensible investment for an individual seeking perfect dental hygiene at an affordable price.

Price: Dhs. 369

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Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversThe best things in life never come for free. And in the case of dental hygiene , this product is indeed the best in it’s field. Although the price might come off as quite expensive, this feature-packed toothbrush delivers the most advanced and efficient care to your teeth.

Perhaps, the features that makes this device stand out from the crowd is it’s unique interface.  Philips Sonicare Diamondclean utilises a 2 button interface . Additional features like a pressure sensor is also available that alerts it’s owner when they are brushing too hard or if the strokes are too wide. If that couldn’t convince you for this purchase, you should know that this product also provides a 3D model of your teeth to help you track your progress.

The only disadvantage to this amazing product is its price tag, but considering its features and its advanced techniques this toothbrush revolutionises the modern lifestyle involving dental hygiene.

Price : Dhs 999

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Sonicare For Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush

10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversA child’s smile has the power to melt even the coldest of hearts. And the sonicare electric toothbrush is the ideal product to ensure a dazzling smile throughout the day. With wacky and curious combination, this dreaded part of mornings is converted into a fun activity wih the help of this product. Instead of  reluctance to brush, this toothbrush leaves a child waiting to try it again.

The timing methodology developed and adapted to gradually increase the time duration of brushing is a very innovative way to bring about a child into the changes surrounding his or her dental requirements. Every stage of development requires its own set of foundations, be it physical health or dental health. But dental hygiene also plays a huge role in the development of a child and this electric toothbrush is a perfect product to lay the base for a dazzling future of their pearly whites.

Price:Dhs. 499

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 Oral B Pro 8000


10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversAlthough we live in a very diverse world full of different people belonging to various ethnicities, it is a common fact that despite the differences, all of us wake up everyday to complete the exact same task- brushing teeth. This example is the perfect one to show the importance of dental hygiene in our everyday life.

 Oral B Pro 8000 is the first electronic toothbrush to have bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. Complete with a pack consisting of  six brushing modes, this device not only helps you give a set a perfect teeth but also provides feedback regarding the harmful mistakes involved in your current process of brushing teeth. The six different modes include Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean, and Tongue

With an incredible power of 40,000 movements per minute, this brush has the power to remove in the most adamant of plaque. It’s unique design and spacing is ideal for the bristles to ensure through cleaning in every nook and corner of your mouth.

The only disappointing factor is the price and above average noise with which it operates. But disregarding these issues, this device is definitely one worth your purchase.


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Oral B Professional care SmartSeries 

10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversPeople often tend to underestimate the harm caused by sensitive teeth, not realising that this minor issue usual acts as the main culprit that prevents an individual from tasting incredible dishes.

Oral B Professional SmartSeries 5000 is the best product in this category that acts as a saviour to those with sensitive teeth desperate to maintain a good dental hygiene. This electric toothbrush acts as the precursor to the 7000 series. Despite similarities in design, this product is more cheaper with almost the same features as well!

With an incredible 8800 oscillations and over 40,000 pulsations, this product does a great job in giving your teeth a great clean. It also used bluetooth connectivity and 3d models to show  your progress and methodology in a seemingly simple task. With it’s pressure sensor this electric toothbrush redefines your lifestyle with its innovative techniques.


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Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversOne of the main reasons why people opt out of buying electric toothbrushes is due to their reluctance to spend so much money for a device with a limited set of features.

But The Waterpik Complete Care system is a device that could prove all the skeptics wrong.

This product provides all the basic necessities to maintain perfect dental hygiene into a small yet simple package. Upon purchase, not only do you get a toothbrush but also obtain a flossing machine as well!

Believing statistics, the bristles work 25% faster than most of the electric brushes as seen on the markets today.

Most leading companies involved in this field, fail to recognize a certain section of their demographic.They often forget that a large number of clients who wear braces experience  alot of difficulty when they use electric brushes because most of the devices falling into this category are designed to perfect already aligned teeth.

This is where Waterpik stand out from the crowd because this is a product that is meticulously designed to brush teeth to perfection despite its owners dental variations.


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Philips Sonicare Essence 


10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversThis product is an example if a highly recommended device for people with sensitive teeth seeking proper dental hygiene at an affordable price.

This product is a combination of a device that could handle the most sensitive of tissues with the power of a device that could remove the most stubborn plaque. This mechanism is also supported by a built in 2 minute smart timer, that alerts it’s user to dedicate specific time periods to different parts of the teeth.  The timer and methodology of this product strictly follows dentists recommendations.

With an amazing battery life and compatibility with USB ports, this electric toothbrush is the best when it comes to travel making it convenient and necessary for perfect maintenance of your teeth.

Price: Dhs. 280

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Oral-B Black Pro 1000 


10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversBrushing our teeth is a habit that we have practised everyday for years. But  this seemingly simple task turns out to be much more complex when you do realise the minor details in it. The Oral-B Black Pro 1000 is one such device that not only succeeds in  completing the task to perfection but also alerts you whenever you tend to go wrong.

Simple yet powerful, this product has a 1 mode cleaning system which is made more efficient with a rotational motion that can drive out upto 300% more plaque compared to a normal brush.

The 3D cleaning system is efficient and systematic . The bristles have a cross section angled at 16 degrees that guarantee to maintain your pearly whites. A common cause of bleeding gums is hard brushstrokes but this device helps to regulate that practice too with it’s pressure sensors as well. The timer designed according to dentists recommendations allocates a specific time to each area of your mouth.

In brief, this device is a solid investment when it comes to dental hygiene and is definitely worth your money.


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Sonicool Sonic Electric Toothbrush 48000

10 Best Electric toothbrushes - DubaisaversPeople often say, the first impression is the best impression but they never seem to realise how much dental hygiene plays a huge role in maintaining that ‘first impression’.

According to popular opinion, this electric toothbrush definitely falls under the range of a quality device under affordable pricing. The three modes offered includes clean, sensitive and white which enables the owner to choose whatever that suits them the best. Working at 48,000 vibrations per minute, this device guarantees clean a mouth and shiny teeth at all times.

The product is by far the easiest to navigate as it we only need to press the on and off button and a prolonged press of 5 seconds to change modes.

The waterproof feature enables the use of this device in any surrounding ensuring the promise to deliver clean and white teeth despite the environment. The 3D motion is the most beneficent when it comes to cleaning plaque. The USB port enables this device to be easily chargeable that makes it a perfect necessity while travelling.

The only disadvantage is that it does not come with a charger and the total time for a use of 240 minutes is 15 hours. But outweighing its disadvantages with the features it offers including a timer, this product is definitely worth your money.

Price: Dhs. 540

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