Best Smartphones under Dhs.300

Blu Energy X Plus 2 

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversThe Blu energy x plus 2 is a trendy dual sim mobile phone that comes with an amazing storage capacity of 8GB. The sleek and stylish cover gives it a classy appearance and is quite affordable as well. The  operating system is Android and it has a rear camera resolution of 8 MP. The screen has a display size of 5.5 inch and a battery capacity of 4900mAh. However, it does not have a fast charging process.


This phone comes along with a  1GB RAM and provides a wide range of colorful themes as well. It supports a cellular network technology of 4G LTE.


Even though the battery lasts for long periods of time, it is physically not removable. The interface also has a tendency to get glitchy and the auto rotate function can’t be enabled. The GPS system of the phone is quite dysfunctional and it often has a problem connecting to 3g and 4g signals as well.

Overall, the main highlight of this phone is its powerful battery life, sleek appearance and affordable pricing. But the disadvantage of this system is something that needs to be definitely considered before a purchase.

Price : Dhs. 289

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL Dual Sim Phone

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversThis smartphone is one of a kind with its remarkable interactive interface and powerful processing power. It supports 4G LTE connectivity and is powered by the Android Lollipop OS v5.0.  The main camera produces astounding pictures from it 13MP main camera and the front camera enables you to take 5 MP selfies without any filter! Besides the quality of the pictures, this smartphone also supports real time beautification as well as autofocus to get a professional clarity in your pictures.There is an internal storage of 32gb which can be expanded upto 128 GB using a micro sd. This phone enables easy multitasking and lets you stream HD movies effortlessly.


The 5.5 inch display enclosed in a strong Gorilla glass lets you view stunning visuals from different angles. ASUS also offers bluetooth v4.0 connectivity which allows an efficient transfer of information.


However, despite the powerful battery, the only problem that arises is with a battery backup. But ignoring this tiny fault, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is a smartphone worth your purchase

Price : Dhs. 299

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Condor Griffe G5 Dual SIM

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversThis smartphones is a  perfect example of a device that provides all the adequate features at an affordable pricing. With a 1GB RAM,this smartphone is elegantly designed that gives it a modern look that makes it stand out from a crowd. It runs of Android 5.1 Lollipop OS which is the best when it comes to multitasking. This 2G compatible phone also features a 4.5 inch screen that display high resolution pictures and videos captured from an impressive 5 MP camera.


It can support 2 SIMS and is very light in weight that makes it very efficient to  carry around. The 4G LTE connectivity lets you access the internet with very high speed.


The only added disadvantage with this phone is it’s weak battery. Although its equipped with a 1800 mAh battery compared to the rest of the smartphones on the ever growing market, it’s battery power is at a loss

At a glance, for an individual which does not consider a battery life to be of primary importance, this smartphone is an incredibly good purchase worth your time.

Price : Dhs. 99

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HTC Desire 510

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversStylish, simple and powerful. These three words define the HTC Desire 510 a beautiful product of the highly acclaimed Desire series. The smart Sense UI and an Android OS delivers a powerful combination that makes this smartphone trending in the rising markets. Weighing only 158 g, this phone has a 4.7 inch screen coupled with a 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also has a built in GPS and a 5MP rear camera as well as a 0.3MP front camera. All the technologically  advanced aspects of this phone are powered by a 1.2 Ghz quad core Qualcomm snapdragon processor. The interface is highly efficient and is one of the best for multitasking as well.


This phone also comes with a pre installed HTC Blinkfeed that enables simple yet elegant customisation to your phone just the way you like it. The widgets also constantly keeps you updated with your interests as well!


Compared to the rest of the phones on the market, the camera quality is not up to par as it has a fixed focus camera. Sometimes, the internal storage tends to be insufficient as well.

In brief, although this phone has its setbacks, if you’re considering to buy a reliable phone at an affordable price, this smartphone is definitely the one for you!

Price : Dhs. 243

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Samsung J1 Mini Prime

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversWith rounded edges and weighing 126g with a compact sleek body, this smartphone is a perfect combination of both class and style. It operates on Android 6.0 OS and provides an efficient interface with a Quad core processor with 1.2 GHz clock speed and 1GB RAM. It’s both refined and elegant with a 4 inch screen that provides a beautiful display with a 480×800 pixel resolution.


It supports 4G LTE that lets you access the internet at astounding efficiency. This is a dual sim phone that has an internal storage of 8GB that caters to all your interests as well.


Despite a 1500 mAh battery, the power of the battery is a major issue. There are certain cases where the battery life shows a sudden drop despite very low functioning. The screen gets automatically turned off and that  battery drains without warning as well. Secondly, although this device boasts of a 5MP main camera, the lack of an autofocus feature makes it very difficult to get good quality photos.

Overall, although this phone has a number of good features, the cons can tend to outweigh the pros. So this is a purchase that heavily depends on the priorities of an individual.

Price : Dhs. 275

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Huawei Y3 II

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversWith a 4.5 inch coupled with a 1 Ghz processor this smartphone is very efficient and elegant. It runs on Android and supports 4G LTE connectivity. This dual sim phone also has a 2100 mAh battery. The resolution is 854×480 which guarantees top quality display. It also has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera that enables anyone to take beautiful pictures with a click of a finger. This smartphone is highly recommended and supports both bluetooth and wifi as well.


It has a beautiful interface and also enables you to read books using an eBook reader.


Although this phone has no problem connecting to wifi ant home, it is quite difficult to access connectivity outside. Despite a  8 GB storage, this phone shows a warning for low memory space when it hits 4 GB as well. The battery life is quite poor as it tends to drain our quickly.

This phone also tends to lag and shows a hue discoloration with increase in space.

At a glance, for a low budget phone, this smartphone provides all the necessary features at an efficient quality.

Price : Dhs. 279

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Sony Xperia E4

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversThis smartphone is a rising star in the markets with  its quality craftsmanship and interactive interface. Weighing 144g this smartphone has a beautiful 5 inch display which is resistant to scratches as well. The quality of the display is proven by the 540×960 pixel resolution images boosted by a 5MP front camera and 2MP secondary front camera. With a IGB RAM and powered by Android, this smartphone with its quad core processor ensures smooth and functioning.


Different types and varieties of applications and games are easily available at the tip of your fingertips. It has an instantaneous connectivity for 3G and onboard wifi.


Firstly, the disadvantage of primary importance is the overheating which can prove to be dangerous if not taken care of. Secondly The audio quality is not very good. Although this phone boasts of an 8GB storage capacity, its allocated space dwindles down to only 4.8 GB

At a glance, despite its setbacks, this smartphone is a combination of versatility mixed with style with features that can easily impress anyone.

Price : Dhs. 279

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Blackberry Z10

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversThis smartphone is the perfect comeback for an O.S that was once way ahead of it’s time. Supported by it’s original Blackberry OS, this device lets you experience multitasking like never before. With a Blackberry Hub that can store all your important messages and notifications, information can be accessed with blazing speed in a single swipe! With a 4.2 inch screen this phone has quite and impressive display as well. The main camera is 8MP where as the front camera is 2 MP.


This smartphone automatically comes along with a self adapting keyboard that modifies its vocabulary according to your personal usage. With it’s high end security, 16bGB storage and signature power and efficiency, this phone does full justice to its expectations


The originality of the OS does possess a few disadvantages as it makes it more difficult to obtain apps that could only run on Android. The battery power is comparatively quite low. However, the main problem arises with its hardware which can be considered overpriced considering its quality.

Overall, if you’re a person who is willing to overlook such setbacks, this phone is the  most suitable for you. It provides a wide range of choices that is easily manageable as well

Price : Dhs. 299

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Motorola Moto C

Best Smartphones under Dhs.300 - DubaisaversPowered by Android 7.0 and weighing 154g, the new Motorola Moto C Dual sim phone is a must have for anyone seeking a combination of both quality and affordability. With a 1 GB Ram and 1.1 Ghz processor, this smartphone provides a smooth experience that surely tends to be unforgettable with its 16 GB expandable storage. It has a 5 inch screen and 5MP main camera that guarantees a professional outlook in all your pictures. It also provides easy connectivity to Bluetooth, fm, 3g and many more!


The durability and efficiency of this device has a 2300mAh battery that can last all day long!


The problem with this phone arisies after a prolonged use. Initially, the battery power appears impressive but as usage increases, so does the rate of the battery drain. An unusual defect also arises with its brightness. Sometimes the audio does not work too. The interface does lag and occasional freezing can be frustrating as well.

Looking back, this phone does impress, yet it is something that should be purchased after careful consideration as although it’s sleek design gathers a good impression, a collective opinion does not suggest this smartphone to be beneficiary for the long haul.

Price : Dhs. 288

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