Allu Ramendran

Back-to-back flat tyres, and the police driver Ramendran’s job is at stake! His family mocks him and the society doesn’t respect him anymore. He’s been nicknamed ‘Allu Ramendran’, not so fondly. The person behind all this damage is hidden in darkness, and it’s a do-or-die situation for Ramendran! A whodunnit, whydunnit and howdunnit tale with romance, comedy, suspense, action, drama, many flat tyres and hell lot of fun!

Released on : February 14, 2019


Dubai Showtimes

Novo Ibn Battuta (10.40, 1.40, 4.40, 7.40, 10.40)

Novo Dragon Mart (11.30, 5.30, 11.30)

VOX Cineplex – Thu-Sat-1.55, 5.15, 11.45), (from Sun-10.10pm)

VOX (Deira City Centre – Fri, Sat-8pm)

VOX (Burjuman – (Thu, Fri-10am), (Thu-Sat-4.40pm), (from Sat-10.45am), (from Sun-4pm)

VOX (Shindagha City Centre -(Thu, Fri-4.55, 11.30pm), (Sat, Sun-4.45pm), (from Mon-4.35, 7.55pm),

Ras Al Khaimah
Cinemax (3.30, 8.50pm)

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