Chattels & More’s Homegrown furniture concept introduces you to Heroes

Chattels & More’s Homegrown furniture concept introduces you to Heroes - DubaisaversA well-designed and organised home can have a direct impact on the overall well-being of those that live in it, which is why furniture shopping is no longer a mundane task.Customers are now seeking pieces that tell stories and transport them to destinations that they’ve always wanted to go. The homegrown and artisanal brand, Chattels & More, which sources unique pieces from around the world, is creating a connection between the products and customers by assigning personalities to their best selling items.

Meet Vincent, Hermes, Zeta, Kali, Thin, DevinaNais, Samoa and Avant as they introduce themselves below:


“I am Vincent, a unique sofa hand crafted by PierluigiFrighetto, the legendary Italian designer.

My contemporary yet classic allure is rooted in Altamura, Puglia Italy. The leather used to create me comes from European hide that is tanned in Italy. Touch it! You can tell the difference almost immediately. The wooden frame padded with differentiated-density polyurethane gives me that sought after venerable look. While the simplicity of my embellishments accentuate acontemporary appeal; my creator designed me to be unique in every way, and I take that forward to any setting I am added to. “

Price: 3 Seater is AED 30975 (Available in 2 and single seater)


“I am Hermes, designed in Greece, in keeping the socially responsible philosophy of Papadatos. My straight lines and decorative stitches accentuate all of my dimensions. The elegant sitting cushions are made with goose feather for that opulent appeal, and the second integrated cushion gives that added sense of ultimate comfort. Don’t worry, my covers are completely removable and can even be customised! Just the way the Greeks like it. “

Price: 12600 AED


“I am Zeta, When I’m not being admired as a work of art, I serve as a rather aesthetic dining table. I belong to the Oliver B group, designed by Fabio Di Bartolomei in Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet. Like their love, my creator ensured that my elegance too is eternal. “

Price: 19950 AED 


“I am Kali, many would say I am the epitome of Italian perfection. A unit like no other. Exactly how my designers Irene Cerchiaro& Matteo Luitsz intended me to be.After all, I do come from Verona,one of the most artistic cities in the world. “

Price: -AED 15225:


“I am Thin.When I was being designed by Oliver B, he had a single purpose in life. To prove that beauty can be captured without compromising on simplicity.
He has always had an admiration for wood in its purest form. In every aspect of my design, one can see his craftsmanship imbued with passion. “

Price: -13650 AED


“Designed by DevinaNais to reinvent the purpose of traditional furniture,my purpose is to be more than an aesthetic essential.My decorative tattooed surface makes me the protagonist of every environment. I am the first thing that catches one’s eye in any living space.”

Price : AED 15750


All items can be purchased from Chattels & More’s showroom at Oud Metha.

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