By Design Fine Jewellery launches at Harvey Nichols Dubai and Bloomingdale’s

Harvey Nichols Dubai and Bloomingdale’s Fine Jewellery Departments are extending their impressive range with in house brand By Design. As the name suggests, By Design gives jewellery shoppers the option to customise designs for a bespoke jewellery experience, as well as choosing from existing collections.

By Design specialises in four different categories: Bespoke,Bridal, Classics and Fashion. The Bespoke category leaves designs entirely up to the imagination of the customer, ensuring the perfect piece.

The Bridal category offers ready-made engagement and wedding bands, as well as complete jewellery sets for the bride-to-be. However, custom-made pieces and settings are also a part of By Design’s Bridal collection. Customers can be involved in the process from start to finish; choosing the design, setting, shape, clarity and size of the diamond for their loved one. Anyone searching for a ‘must-have’ piece may look no further than By Design’s Classics category,focusing on timeless jewellery pieces that should be a part of every woman’s collection. Whether it is a tennis bracelet, pendant or an elegant pair of earrings, the Classics line offers a variety of styles and designs that are easily wearable and make it the perfect gift; not only for loved ones but also for a little self-indulgence. Style-conscious women that like to stay up-to-date on the latest jewellery trends will enjoy By Design’s Fashion line the most. It specialises in current designs and trends in the industry and is therefore ever-evolving. Whether it’s body chains which have celebrated a huge revival, or hand cuffs that were seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, By Design’s Fashion line is all about edgy and fashion forward jewellery pieces.

Harvey Nichols Dubai Fine Jewellery Department is located in the Mall of the Emirates, and Bloomingdale’s Fine Jewellery Department is located at The Dubai Mall.

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