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24 - 25 11 23


6:00 pm



Baseball United East Vs United West

Join us for the first-ever Professional Baseball games in the history of the Middle East and South Asia! Baseball United is hosting our inaugural All-Star Showcase in Dubai.

Our East and West All-Star teams will be comprised of some of the best players in the world competing in a two-game series. Each night will include special Opening Ceremonies and post-event experiences.

Fan Fest is also free and open to the public each day from 2pm – 6pm GST.


● What time do gates open?
○ Stadium gates will open at 6pm GST on Friday and Saturday nights.

● What times do the games begin?
○ The games will begin at 7 p.m. GST on Friday and Saturday nights.

● How can I find the schedule for the Baseball United showcase?
○ You can find the full schedule on our website at www.baseballunited.com.

● What’s the best way to stay updated with any changes or announcements related to the Baseball United Showcase?
○ Visit our website at www.baseballunited.com and follow us on our social media channels (@baseballunited) for the latest updates.


● Are tickets required for Baseball United’s Fan Fest?
○ No, tickets are not required for Fan Fest. Fan Fest is free for everyone and open to the public.  

● Is there a cost to attend Baseball United’s Fan Fest?
○ No, there is no cost to attend a Fan Fest. Fan Fest is free for everyone and open to the public.  

● What are the hours of Baseball United’s Fan Fest?
○ 2pm-6pm GST

Food & Beverages

● Is alcohol allowed in the stadium during the Baseball United Showcase?
○ There will be alcohol served in designated areas.

● Are outside food and beverages allowed in the stadium during the Baseball United Showcase?
○ Outside food and beverages are not allowed, but there are plenty of food and drink options available within the stadium.


● Is smoking allowed in the stadium during the Baseball United Showcase?
○ Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the stadium.

● Are e-cigarettes allowed?
○ E-cigarettes are not allowed inside the stadium.


● How do I purchase my tickets?
○ Tickets for the Showcase can be purchased online at our website www.baseballunited.com.  

● What types of tickets are available for purchase?
○ There are 4 types of tickets for the Baseball United Showcase: Diamond Club tickets, Gold Club tickets, Outfield Box tickets, and VVIP Field Cabana tickets.  

● Am I able to upgrade my tickets to another seating area?
○ There is no way to upgrade your ticket to the Baseball United Showcase games.

● Is there a policy for refunds or exchanges if I can’t attend a game I purchased tickets for?
○ All ticket sales are final, with no refunds or exchanges.

● What format are tickets distributed?
○ All tickets are distributed digitally.

● Can I transfer a ticket to another person/friend/relative?
○ No, tickets are non-transferable.

● Does my child need a ticket to attend the Baseball United Showcase?
○ Children 2 years and under do not require a ticket to attend.

● If I exit the stadium during the game, can I come back in?
○ Guests are not permitted to re-enter the stadium once they leave.


● Is there parking available at the stadium?
○ Yes, parking is available at Dubai International Stadium and needs to be purchased separately. Parking options include Diamond Club Parking, Gold Club Parking, and Outfield Box Parking.

● Will taxi/rideshare options be available?
○ Yes, designated taxi/rideshare pick-up & drop-off areas will be available outside the stadium.  

● What is the best way to get to Dubai International Stadium using public transportation?
○ Buses, taxis, or rideshare services are the best methods of public transportation to reach the stadium.  


● Can I bring a camera inside the stadium?
○ Personal photography and videography are permitted inside the stadium provided the images are for personal use only.

● What are the payment options available at the stadium?
○ Cash and credit cards are accepted inside the stadium.

● What is the policy on bringing bags or backpacks into the stadium?
○ Purses, diaper bags, drawstrings and messenger-style bags are permitted inside the stadium.  

● Is there a public Wi-Fi network at the stadium?
○ No, there is no public Wi-Fi at the stadium.

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