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18 11 23


11:00 pm



CAPTOWN Live Event

Captown is a rap group from Kazakhstan, which became famous thanks to the release “Illusion of Normality” and joint tracks with such popular artists as Lizer, Levan Gorozia (L’One) and others.

The group consists of three performers: Azat (Quantarskii bluez), Bach (FortyGunz) and Madi (Zaton). The performers themselves are from Kazakhstan (or, to be more precise, from Astana), but often travel to Moscow to record their tracks. Including the famous release “Illusion of Normality” was recorded in one of the studios in the Moscow region. One of the team members, Azat, admits that his inspirations were rappers Basta and Guf, whom he listened to as a child.

The guys themselves did not plan to become professional musicians. They simply gathered at home and recorded tracks on their phones whenever they wanted. And so they were ordinary office workers, and they worked as hard as they could to earn something. Only later did it develop into something more. Then the guys decided to buy a lot of musical equipment and organize their own studio so they could record whenever they wanted.

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