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23 03 23


8:00 pm



Dreams About The Grand Piano

The play, entitled ‘Dreams About The Grand Piano’, is a unique and captivating production that combines the beauty of classical music with the magical power of poetry. The play explores themes of love, loss, and the human experience through the lens of some of the greatest poets and composers of all time. The story is told through a series of poetic monologues, each accompanied by a corresponding piece of classical music that enhances and amplifies the emotions of the words. The performance is breathtaking, with a live piano recital adding an extra layer of depth and beauty to the already stunning script. ‘Dreams About The Grand Piano’ is a true masterpiece that appeals to both lovers of classical music and poetry alike, and is not to be missed. For some, the play will be a meditation, for others – a manifesto, for the rest – a confession. But all viewers will take with them in their hearts the hope for a world in which the harmony of word and music is more important than battles and struggles, and art is above any boundaries.

The event is finished.