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23 09 23


7:30 pm



King Of The Table

With the long awaited rematch between two living legends of the sport John Brzenk and Alexey Voyevoda headlining the show, the armwrestling fans won’t want to miss the epic battles of strength and strategy between the best of the best including Matt Mask, Ron Bath, Lachlan Adair, Krasimir Kostadinov, Chance Shaw and Serhii Kalinichenko. King of The Table is reaching out even further across the globe to have New Zealand champion Maateiwarangi Heta- Morris going up against Norwegian Lars Rorbakken

Match Schedule:

  • Match 1: Lars Rorbakken vs Maateiwarangi Heta-Morris
  • Match 2: Chance Shaw vs Serhii Kalinichenko
  • Match 3: Krasimir Kostadinov vs Lachlan Adair
  • Match 4: Ron Bath vs Matt Mask
  • Match 5: John Brzenk vs Alexey Voevoda

Important Notice:

The use of phones will not be permitted in the competition space. Upon arrival at the venue, all phones will be secured at the check-in area and can be collected at the end of the event. If a guest need to use their phone in the middle of the competition, they can go to the check-in area and ask the staff for assistance. Once they’re done using their phones, they must return the phone back to the staff.
Anyone seen using a device during the competition will be escorted out of the venue by security. 
We appreciate your cooperation.

The event is finished.