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02 12 23


8:00 am



MMDE Thrissur Pooram Dubai 2023

Experience the essence of Kerala’s iconic Thrissur Pooram, known as the “festival of festivals” within the state. This mesmerizing celebration brings forth beautifully adorned elephants, colorful parasols, captivating percussion, and more, uniting the heart and soul of Kerala’s vibrant culture and profound religious traditions.

Following its resounding success in 2019, 2021, and 2022, this grand event returns for its much-anticipated 4th edition in Dubai.

MMDE Thrissur Pooram Dubai 2023: A day-long spectacle from 8 am to 11 pm on 2nd Dec 2023


– Ilanjithara Melam (Percussion): Experience the renowned Pandi Melam led by over 100 top-notch artists under the guidance of Padmashree Peruvanam Kuttan Marar, a timeless highlight of the original Pooram festivities.

– Panchari Melam (Percussion): Revel in the beats of the celebrated Panchari Melam led by Mela Kalanidhi Sri Peruvanam Satheesan Marar.

– Pachavadhyam: A traditional orchestra comprising five instruments – kombu, edakka, thimila, ilathalam, and maddalam – Madathil Varavu Panchavadyam led by the eminent Sri Parakkattu Thankappan Marar.

– Live Musical Band: Delight in an electrifying musical night led by the renowned South Indian singer Gowri Lakshmi and her ensemble.

– Keli: Immerse in a traditional percussion performance by esteemed Kerala artists.

– Nadaswara Melam: Enjoy the harmonious wind instrument played by well-known artists in Kerala.

– Kavadiyattam: Experience the dance performances accompanied by the beats of Chenda.

– Singari Melam: Explore the significant form of Chenda melam performed by a group during cultural festivals in Kerala.

– MMDE Thrissur Procession: A spectacular procession showcasing 18 traditional art forms, including the enthralling Kalakkali, Theyyam, Thalapoli, Kavadiyattam, Singari Melam, Oppana, Margamkali and more.

– 3 Real-sized replicas of Elephants: Witness the majestic replicas resembling Thechikkottu Ramachandran and Paambady Rajan, adding to the grandeur of the event.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this unparalleled cultural extravaganza, showcasing the very best of Kerala’s rich heritage.

The event is finished.