Lamcy Plaza is set for an August reopening

The Lamcy Plaza, hit by a fire outbreak in early March, is on track for a reopening in August, according to a top official with the mall management.

“It’s not that the mall cannot be opened tomorrow — but we want to make sure the building is completely safe for everyone when we eventually do so,” said Jayant Ganwani, CEO of Lals Group. “The most important concern we and the civic authorities have is to basically make sure that there are no health and safety issues for customers.

The open plan design within Lamcy Plaza poses its own challenges in prepping the mall back into relaunch mode. Because of the design — whereby the individual shops across each floor flow seamlessly onto the other — the smoke circulated “to every inch” when the fire broke out. This made the cleaning effort to remove the carbon from the building all the more arduous, apart from getting the energy services reinstated as well as the updated firefighting systems.

It has been over 20 years since the mall opened, and during the time has been central to that neighbourhood’s retail aspirations. The growing resident and office base in the wider catchment area also played well with Lamcy’s prospects. Which makes the enforced timeout because of the fire all the more galling.

News Source : Gulf News

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