Netflix’s Password Sharing Measures awaits Clarification

Netflix’s efforts to curb password sharing were confirmed by co-CEO Greg Peters in January. However, the exact details of the new measures have not been officially revealed by the world’s largest streaming service. Earlier this week, Netflix’s Help Center detailed new protocols to prevent people from accessing the platform through someone else’s account. The new rules would require subscribers to verify their home devices every month and block devices outside of the home, encouraging users to create their own account. However, these rules were removed from the Netflix website the following day, leading to confusion among users.

According to a Netflix spokesperson, these rules are already in place in countries like Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, but have not yet been implemented in the US. The company has tested anti-password-sharing measures in these Latin American countries over the past year to find the best solution before launching it to subscribers worldwide. Netflix plans to unveil its new initiatives to curb password sharing before the end of March, but with some components being staggered. The company has two months to come up with a different solution to monetize the estimated 100 million people worldwide who regularly use Netflix without paying for it.

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