ADCB Islamic Banking Personal Finance For UAE Nationals

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Min SalaryAED 10,000
Salary TransferYes
Max Finance AmountAED 4,000,000
Arrangement Fee1%
Flat Rate (est. equivalent)2.75% p.a.
Reducing Rate (As Advertised)4.99% p.a.
Early Settlement Fee1%



  • Finance repayment up to 48 months
  • The maximum amount of finance offered is AED 4,000,000.


  • This finance is Shariah-compliant.
  • Finance repayment period is up to 48 months.
  • You require a minimum salary of AED 10,000 per month to be eligible.
  • It is a requirement to transfer your salary to apply
  • The processing fee is 1% of the finance amount for Aspire customers and Privilege customers and 0.50% for Excellency customers. [Min AED 500; Max AED 2,500].
  • The early settlement fee for this finance is 1% of the outstanding amount (principal + profit) to date. All other outstanding profit is waived.
  • Takaful fee for Aspire and Privilege customers is 1% of the finance amount and 0.5% for Excellency customers.
  • Finance repayment period is up to 48 months; The profit rate is 4.99% applied for all customers with salary above AED 5000 across all segments Aspire, Privilege and Excellency. All rates are calculated on reducing balance.
  • The reducing rate of this finance is 4.99% and the equivalent flat rate is 2.75%. The calculation used is a division of the reducing rate by 1.814 and this is indicative only.

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