Embassy of Beauty, Dubai Marina

40 years ago, when the Biologique Recherché laboratory was created, Yvan and Josette Allouche, a biologist and a physiotherapist, combined their expertise and passion to chart their unique and visionary course on the cosmetic care market.

That is how the legend of BR was born and became the cult for many years ahead. Embassy of Beauty Salon are the official representatives of Ambassade de la Beaute Paris. Our purpose is to create personalised treatments and prescribe products designed for customised use.

The skin is the reflection of oneself; it takes multiple forms within a single day and over a lifetime. Similarly, no two individuals have the same skin, and everyone has different Skin Instants which themselves can vary within a single day, depending on the different parts of the face.

The Biologique Recherché Methodology therefore targets the epidermis according to each individual’s skin type. Our treatments can help the skin develop in a healthy and harmonious epidermis. Taking care of the epidermis helps restore the skin’s healthy, youthful and radiant appearance. Trained in the brand’s Methodology, Biologique Recherches beauticians are available to those looking for an efficient and different treatment experience.

Home ServiceNo
Price RangeEconomical
Timings"09:00 am - 09:00 pm and closed on friday"
Address "Marina Sail, 14, Al Hubob Street G Floor Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Dubai"
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Embassy of Beauty, Dubai Marina
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