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About You Polyclinic - Dubaisavers

About You Polyclinic

Located a short stroll away from the Al Ghazal Mall, About You Polyclinic provides a selection of pampering treatments for men and women. The team of experienced beauticians, technicians and therapists offers services such as facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, lipolysis sessions and physiotherapy.

    Al Biraa Clinic - Dubaisavers

    Al Biraa Clinic

    Al Biraa Clinic is a Dubai-based private medical facility aimed at providing high-quality, personal healthcare modern equipment and facilities. Available treatments include laser hair removal, facial peels, physiotherapy, dermatological therapies and acupuncture.

      Al Borj Medical Center - Dubaisavers

      Al Borj Medical Center

      Based in the centre of Dubai, Al Borj Medical Center offers a range of services carried out by a team of trained medical professionals. Customers may choose facials, body toning treatments and laser hair removal procedures.

        Al Mariya Polyclinic - Dubaisavers

        Al Mariya Polyclinic

        This Dubai-based clinic provides a range of advanced medical services, boasting state-of-the-art equipment and expertise of its experienced staff members. Focusing on creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Al Mariya Polyclinic offers GP, paediatrics, gynaecological and dental services, with laboratory tests also available.

          Al Reem dental clinic logo

          Al Reem Dental Clinic

          Located close to the Mall of the Emirates, Al Reem Dental Clinic offers patients both general dentistry services as well as orthodontic services. These include tooth extraction, root canal therapy, dental bonding, crowns, whitening, and fixing on braces.

            American Medical Center

            American Medical Center provides quality clinical services in areas such as gynaecology, paediatrics, dermatology and dentistry. They also boast an aesthetic section specialising in cosmetic and laser procedures such as hair reduction or removal.

              Basmat Albayan Medical Center - Dubaisavers

              Basmat Albayan Medical Center

              Boasting two clinics, one in Dubai and one in Sharjah, Basmat Albayan Medical Center offers a range of dental treatments. Options include teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing, as well as teeth whitening services.

                Bay Square Therapy Healing Clinic - Dubaisavers

                Bay Square Therapy Healing Clinic

                The international team of Bay Square Therapy Healing Clinic provide an array of services designed to improve their customers’ wellbeing. reflexology, and more, are all available at this company, located within Dubai’s Bay Square.

                  Biosytech Medical Laboratory - Dubaisavers

                  Biosytech Medical Laboratory

                  Based in Jafliya, Biosytech Medical Laboratory has been providing medical services since 2003. The Lab offers a host of health checks for individuals and corporate clients alike.

                    Bizrah Medical Center - Dubaisavers

                    Bizrah Medical Center

                    Bizrah Medical Center specialises in providing advanced surgical and non-surgical services such as; facial plastic surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, full body contouring, breast augmentation and reduction, non-invasive face and neck lift, fat freezing, facial treatments and laser hair removal, among others. Their team of UK Consultants and experienced Specialists makes every endeavor to tailor the ….

                      Clove Dental Clinic

                      Clove Dental Clinic takes pride in the professional skills of their team. Clinic’s extensive range of dental services covers all advanced treatments, including root canal, extraction, crowns, veneers, restoration and many other. Their dental surgeons have a particular interest in cosmetic treatments and smile design.

                        Clover Medical Centre - Dubaisavers

                        Clover Medical Centre

                        Clover Medical Centre was established in mid 2011 by three dental professionals who had been active in their areas of expertise for over 15 years in Dubai. In Tecom, services are offered in areas including general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

                          Cooper Dermatology & Dentistry Clinic

                          Located on Al Wasl Road, Cooper Dermatology and Dentistry Clinic aims to offer an array of cutting-edge skin and beauty treatments thanks to their expert team, featuring a dermatologist, dentist and aesthetician.

                            Cosmetrix at Saudi German Hospital Dubai

                            Located in central Dubai, Cosmetrix offers a range of plastic surgery and cosmetic services. These range from laser hair removal, facials and VelaShape sessions to bespoke wellness packages and professional dental treatments.

                              Cosmo Secrets Medical Center - Dubaisavers

                              Cosmo Secrets Medical Center

                              The team at Cosmo Secrets Medical Center provides a wide array of aesthetic treatments at their Al Barsha-based clinic. They offer advanced procedures such as laser hair removal and facial injections.

                                Dr. Shyam's Ayurvedic Centre - Dubaisavers

                                Dr. Shyam’s Ayurvedic Centre

                                Dr. Shyam’s Ayurvedic Centre provides a range of treatments, combined with lifestyle management support, all designed to help target a variety of ailments. Services range from body type analysis to and wraps, with two branches located in Dubai.

                                  Elite Medical Centre - Dubaisavers

                                  Elite Medical Centre

                                  Established in 2011, Elite Medical Centre is a clinic based in Dubai. It is represented by a team of professional staff and provides services in a wide range of fields including orthopedics, dentistry, obstetrics, gynecology, and aesthetics. The clinic also offers treatments to target ear, nose and throat related problems.

                                    Elite Style Polyclinic - Dubaisavers

                                    Elite Style Polyclinic

                                    Established in 2007, Elite Style Polyclinic is a medical facility located on Sheikh Zayed Road. Its expert team includes physicians and specialists, all able to offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments.