• Starts: July 6, 2017

Cleverly standing for Any Body Can Dance, ABCD Studios aims to prove that people of all abilities and backgrounds can expression themselves through movement. The studio specialises in offering Bollywood and hip … see more..

ABCD logo

Altitude 21

  • Starts: September 28, 2017

Based in Dubai, Altitude 21 is a design consulting firm. It provides innovative solutions in graphic design as well as publishing and visual art. In addition, the team of dedicated professionals offers … see more..

Altitude 21 - Dubaisavers

Arthur Murray Dance School

  • Starts: July 24, 2017

Arthur Murray Dance Studio has been a leading name in franchise dance since 1912, when entrepreneur Arthur Murray began selling mail-order dance lessons. In Dubai, classes are held at dance centres in … see more..

Arthur Murray Dance School - Dubaisavers

Brain Abilitiez

  • Starts: April 6, 2018

Brain Abilitiez provides cognitive training with proven results to maximize mental performance. Clients test higher in IQ after completing a full program. In the world of Brain Abilitiez you can look forward … see more..

Brain Abilitiez logo

Cafe De La Danse Dance Studio

  • Starts: July 20, 2017

Based in the heart of Dubai, Café De La Danse Dance Studio offers a range of classes in a variety of styles. It was founded by Brazilian belly dancer Milla Tenorio, whose … see more..

Café De La Danse Dance Studio

Camp Mirdif

  • Starts: June 25, 2018

School’s out, fun is at Camp Mirdif. From workshops and book clubs to sport and games at City Centre Mirdif leisure destinations, we’ve got their summer all planned out! Each week is … see more..

Camp Mirdif logo

Crystal Dance Center

  • Starts: July 18, 2017

Crystal Dance Center strives to create a relaxed environment where clients can learn and improve their dancing skills. The studio offers a variety of group and private sessions such as Zumba and … see more..

crystal dance center

D S2dio

  • Starts: October 3, 2017

Located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai, D S2dio is a modern dance studio offering a wide selection of classes and training programs for adults and youngsters. Participants may practise dances such … see more..

D S2dio - Dubaisavers

Dance For You Studio

  • Starts: June 28, 2018

Boasting sprung wooden floors, Dance For You provides dance classes run by experienced instructors from around the world. Little ones and adults can learn a range of social, ballroom and Latin dances … see more..

Dance For You Studio logo

Eton Institute

  • Starts: June 29, 2017

Eton Institute is headquartered in Dubai-UAE with operations in the Middle East and Americas, and a partner company in Europe, offering internationally accredited language courses in over 160 Languages, Language Testing, Teacher … see more..

Eton Institute logo

Excellence Training Centre

  • Starts: July 3, 2017

Excellence Training Centre is a Centre for languages and personal development. Established in the year 2013, with the objective of serving to the educational training needs of the residents of UAE. The … see more..

Excellence Training Centre logo

Future Target Institute

  • Starts: October 18, 2017

Boasting over eight years of international experience, Future Target Institute is an educational facility offering language and exam training. Students can take part in IELTS, TOEFL, ACT and SAT preparation sessions, hone … see more..

Future Target Institute - Dubaisavers

Galaxy Centre for Performing Arts

  • Starts: July 3, 2017

Galaxy Centre for Performing Arts strives to provide dance and music education to customers of all ages. Jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood and contemporary dance classes are all available, with Carnatic and Hindustani vocal … see more..


Gators Swimming Academy

  • Starts: April 4, 2018

Gators DXB was just launched in December, but already has attracted around 100 swimmers of different nationalities under the supervision of ex-Egyptian swimmer Mohamed El-Zanaty and his coaching team.

Gators Swimming Academy

Habib Web Technology

  • Starts: October 27, 2017

Boasting expertise in a wide array of web development areas, Habib Web Technology offers services in application development, website design, software development, marketing, and corporate branding. It also offers courses related to … see more..

Habib Web Technology - Dubaisavers

IMPACT Music and Dance Training Center

  • Starts: December 18, 2017

IMPACT centres has established itself as one of Dubai’s most dynamic and creative music and performing arts centres and dance studio, since 2004. Specializing in all disciplines of music, dance, musical theater … see more..

IMPACT Music and Dance Training Center - Dubaisavers

Impact Talent Performing Arts & Training

  • Starts: March 2, 2018

Impact Talent Performing Arts Training Center was established on 5th November 2013. The Performing Arts Training Center is the major professional arts training center in the Middle East region.Impact Talent Performing Arts Center … see more..

Impact Talent Performing Arts & Training - Dubaisavers

Inara Training Institute

  • Starts: October 18, 2017

Inara Training Institute provide education and training solutions aiming to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals. The courses encompass a variety of fields including foreign languages, IT, graphic and 3D design.

Inara Training Institute - Dubaisavers

International Training Institute FZLLC

  • Starts: October 12, 2017

International Training Institute FZLLC is a Dubai based learning centre aiming to provide training for those wishing to enter the IT industry. A wide range of computer program courses are on offer … see more..

International Training Institute FZLLC - Dubaisavers

Mad About Dance Institute

  • Starts: June 11, 2018

It is a start-up company since 2015 with a desire to pursue hobbies and make a career. It is one of the largest studios in town serving over 3000 people. MAD offers dance classes, … see more..

Mad About Dance logo

Melodica Music and Dance Institute

  • Starts: February 5, 2018

Melodica Music & Dance Institute is Dubai’s top rated training centre in 2017 and one of the most elite and professional music and dance institutes in Dubai, founded by pop star Afshin, … see more..

Melodica Music and Dance Institute - Dubaisavers

Meritorious Foreign Language Institute

  • Starts: October 18, 2017

With a team of dedicated, experienced tutors on hand, Meritorious Foreign Language Institute offers a relaxed classroom environment for people to learn a new language. Courses on offer include English, Arabic and … see more..

Meritorious Foreign Language Institute - Dubaisavers

Middle East Karate Academy

  • Starts: September 11, 2017

Middle East Karate Academy teaches the martial arts to people of all ages and levels of ability. Their instructors aim to impart both the physical and mental benefits to their students, teaching … see more..

Middle East Karate Academy - Dubaisavers

Modern Music School

  • Starts: April 6, 2018

Founded by Hans-Peter Becker in 1987, Modern Music School brings together music lovers around the world. With the facilities open in Germany, Greece, Canada, the US, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, … see more..

Modern Music School