Bamboo Wood Charging Stand Cradle for Apple Watch and iPhone from AED 39

AED 115.00 AED 39.00

Made from bamboo or wood, the sleek, hip cradle stylishly holds an iPhone & Apple Watch as they charge, all while keeping cables hidden

Choose from the following options for a bamboo wood charging stand:

  • AED 39 for a two-in-one charging stand (66% off)
  • AED 49 for a three-in-one charging stand (61% off)
  • AED 69 for two two-in-one charging stands (70% off)
  • AED 79 for a two-in-one and a three-in-one charging stand (67% off)
  • AED 89 for two three-in-one charging stands (64% off)

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