Bodycare K07 air purifiers Humidifier

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High Efficiency Particulate Air5. UV sterilizer, 6. Negative ionizer Application Area:40 m2 Net Weight : 8.2KG Wind Velocity: 3 Speeds: High, Product Model: K07 Color:white Purification Method:1. Cold catalyst, 2. Cellular activated carbon,3. Anti-bacterial net,4.Medium, Low.Wind Speed: High Speed :7.5m-7.8m/s Medium Speed:3.5m-4.0m/sLow Speed :2.5m-3.0m/sAir Purification Capacity: 220 m3/h(for PM 2.5)Noise: High 55 dB Medium 30 c Low 18 dBDimension:L370 x W230 x H695 mm Rated Volage:AC 220V一240V Rated Total Power:65W Added Features: Humidification,Odor SensorPurifier Features Cold Catalyst Filter 1. The cold catalyst plays a catalyst effect in normal living environment without any external assistance like the UV light, sunlight, high temperature or pressure.2.  It works under normal condition and produces only water and carbon dioxide.5. The cold catalyst can be used to deal with formaldehyde, ammonia,benzene, TVOC,hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases released by plywood, furniture, wallpapers,carpets, curtains and bedspreads,Cellular-Activated Carbon FilterThe cellular-activated carbon carries high efficient additives, It has good absorption and dust collection characteristics. Antimicrobial Filter The 5-microns filter with antimicrobial agents can efficiently kill bacteria in the air.High Efficiency Particulate Air FilterThe precision of the High Efficiency Particulate Air filter is 0.01 micron.  Anion ReleaseThe ionizer releases large amount of anions and makes the oxygen negatively-charged, thus gathering the positively-charged particles like floating dust, bacteria, viruses and smoke.  Humidifier The unit comes with humidification function (optional). User may turn on The humidification function in a dry weather to:1. crease air humidity and improve the quality of respiration.2. Effectively remove the musty odor caused by smoke and mold.3. Moisturize the skin.4. Improve human body’s metabolism, relieve tension and fatigue.Intelligent Odor Sensor SystemThis unit comes with an intelligent odor sensor system . It can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the air quality display : Red(Poor),orange(Ordinary), Green(Excellent)

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