Pillows, Towels or Bed Sheets for AED 59

AED 200.00 AED 65.00

Choose from a variety of bed sheets, pillows or towels, designed to enrich home comfort

Choose from the following options for pillows, towels or bed sheets, distributed by Dreams For Ever:

  • AED 59 for pillow in compressed packing
  • AED 65 for a 144 thread count bed sheet
  • AED 79 for single mattress protector
  • AED 79 for towel set
  • AED 89 for a 180 thread count bed sheet
  • AED 99 for a snuggle pillow
  • AED 109 for a 300 thread count bed sheet
  • AED 109 for a breathable quilt
  • AED 129 for king size mattress protector
  • AED 189 for comforter set
  • AED 210 for laux faux fur set

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