Silicone Make-Up Blending Sponges from AED 49

AED 102.00 AED 49.00

This versatile make-up applicator is suitable for applying liquid foundations, creams, concealer, serums and more

Choose between two options for silicone make-up sponges, distributed by Deal Genie:

  • AED 49 for three sponges
  • AED 79 for six sponges

The Specifics

  • Ideal for stippling and blending foundation
  • High density helps prevent wasting make-up as it is directly absorbed into the skin instead of the applicator
  • Suitable for applying liquid foundations, creams, concealers, serums and face creams
  • Evenly distributes make-up to achieve a flawless finish
  • Revolutionary TPU and silicone make-up beauty blender
  • Pack includes pink, blue, and green sponges

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