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Sony DVD player Ultra Slim

AED 109.00

Sony DVD player Ultra Slim discloses the biggest surprises in a small package. Connect the USB to this DVD player by Sony and stay entertained, no matter what.Bring home the ultra slim DVD player and be assured of the best experience you could ever grab with entertainment. It is a 270mm compact unit with multiple playback units and a plenty surprises. You can plug this Sony DVD player with a USB stick and listen to your favorite songs, watch latest movies, and slide through your old pictures. The normal speed, at which the movies play with sound and pictures, is 1.5x. If you had to pause your movie because of some disturbance, worry not. This DVD player by Sony remembers exactly where you left off, the last time. Also, while you are watching the slideshow of pictures on your first birthday, this player delights your nostalgic mood with a pleasant background music.

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