Sterling Silver-Plated Raindrop Set from AED 59

AED 59.00

This sterling silver-plated jewellery set features a raindrop design; the set comes with earrings, a ring, bracelet and necklace

Choose from the following options for a sterling silver-plated raindrop set, distributed by Think Global General Trading:

  • AED 59 for one set (46% off)
  • AED 99 for two sets (55% off)
  • AED 129 for three sets (61% off)
    The Specifics
  • Sterling silver 925 plated jewellery set
  • Raindrop design
  • Earring: 2.5cm (L), 0.6cm (W), 5.4g (W)
  • Ring: adjustable length, 1.5cm (W), 4.5g (W)
  • Bracelet: 7cm (L), 18mm (W), 35.5g (W)
  • Pendant of necklace: 1.6cm (L), 0.7cm (W), 1.6g (W)
    Set includes:
  • Adjustable silver-plated bangle
  • Adjustable silver-plated ring
  • One pair of silver-plated earrings
  • One silver plated-pendant with chain

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