Vacuum Storage Packing Bags from AED 49

AED 49.00

Clear seasonal or unused clothes out of wardrobe with these vacuum storage packing bags which protect clothes from dust, mildew and odour

Choose from the following options for vacuum storage packing bags, distributed by Deal Genie:

  • AED 49 for two bags
  • AED 79 for four bags
  • AED 109 for six bags

The Specifics

  • Works with any household vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment or a hand air sucking pump
  • Ideal for holiday packing
  • Clothes are protected with airtight, waterproof seal locks from dust, mildew and odour
  • Clothes remain fresh throughout storage
  • Size: 80cm (31.5’’) x 60cm (23.6’’)

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