Driven by the vision to create the finest luxury car, combining speed, safety, comfort, and elegance, Lexus was launched in 1989. With a complete range of vehicles that are unsurpassed in their respective classes and a philosophy that puts the customer first, the brand continues to forge ahead, setting new precedents in pursuit of perfection.The first car, the flagship LS 400, was introduced in 1989 and since then has continued to set new standards for luxury vehicles around the world. With a vast description sales network in over 70 countries, Lexus is ranked among the ten largest Japanese global brands. Al-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributors of the brand in the UAE, holds the prestigious position of the largest distributor of automotive products in the country, and leads the rapid development of automobile business.


Type Automobiles
Telephone +971 800 53987
Price Range AED 145,000 - AED 505,000

Locations in Dubai

Outlet Address Opening Hours Telephone Map
Al Futtaim Lexus, Al Quoz Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE Sat-Thur 09:00-20:00 04 507 6300

PLEASE NOTE: Above listed store information and timings are to the best of our knowledge and may change without prior notice. Timings may change during Ramadan and public holidays and hence kindly check with the stores to avoid last minute disappointments.

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Lexus Price & Specs

CT 200H PREMIERHatch1.8L/4-CYL98/142E-CVT145,000
CT 200H PRESTIGEHatch 1.8L/4-CYL 98/142E-CVT166,000
IS 200T PREMIER TURBOSaloon2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A155,000
IS 200T PRESTIGE TURBOSaloon2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A180,000
IS 200T SPORT F TURBOSaloon2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A195,000
IS 350 PLATINUMSaloon3.5L/V6312/3788A210,000
IS 350 F SPORT PRESTIGESaloon3.5L/V6312/3788A210,000
IS 350 F SPORT PLATINUMSaloon3.5L/V6312/3788A230,000
RC 200T PREMIUM TURBOCoupe2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A170,000
RC 200T F SPORT PRESTIGE TURBOCoupe2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A205,000
RC 350 PLATINUMCoupe3.5L/V6314/3788A210,000
RC 350 F SPORT PRESTIGECoupe3.5L/V6314/3788A220,000
RC 350 F SPORT PLATINUMCoupe3.5L/V6314/3788A240,000
RC F PLATINUMCoupe5.0L/V8471/5308A310,000
RC F CARBONCoupe5.0L/V8471/5308A340,000
ES 250 PREMIERSaloon2.5L/4-CYL181/2356A160,000
ES 250 PLATINUMSaloon2.5L/4-CYL181/2356A180,000
ES 350 PREMIERSaloon3.5L/V6272/3466A170,000
ES 350 PLATINUMSaloon3.5L/V6272/3466A200,000
ES 350 TITANIUMSaloon3.5L/V6272/3466A225,000
GS 200T PRESTIGE TURBOSaloon2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A195,000
GS 200T F SPORT TURBOSaloon2.0L/4-CYL241/3508A215,000
GS 350 PRESTIGESaloon3.5L/V6311/3788A225,000
GS 350 PLATINUMSaloon3.5L/V6311/3788A250,000
GS 350 F SPORTSaloon3.5L/V6311/3788A260,000
GS 450H PRESTIGESaloon3.5L/V6341/352E-CVT225,000
GS 450H F SPORTSaloon3.5L/V6341/352E-CVT260,000
GS F PRESTIGESaloon5.0L/V8471/5308A330,000
GS F PLATINUMSaloon5.0L/V8471/5308A350,000
LS 460 PREMIER SEDANSaloon4.6L/V8382/4938A310,000
LS 460 F SPORTSaloon4.6L/V8382/4938A370,000
LS 460 PRESTIGE SEDANSaloon4.6L/V8382/4938A350,000
LS 460 PRESTIGE PLUS SEDANSaloon4.6L/V8382/4938A390,000
LS 460 PLATINUM SEDANSaloon4.6L/V8382/4938A450,000
LS 460 TITANIUM SEDANSaloon4.6L/V8382/4938A455,000
LS 600H F SPORT SEDANSaloon5.0L/V8438/520E-CVT430,000
LS 600H PLATINUM SEDANSaloon5.0L/V8438/520E-CVT500,000
LS 600H TITANIUM SEDANSaloon5.0L/V8438/520E-CVT505,000
NX PREMIER TURBOSUV2.0L/4-CYL235/3506A160,000
NX PLATINUM TURBOSUV2.0L/4-CYL235/3506A195,000
RX 350 PREMIERSUV3.5L/V6296/3708A195,000
RX 350 PRESTIGESUV3.5L/V6296/3708A225,000
RX 350 PLATINUMSUV3.5L/V6296/3708A255,000
RX 350 F SPORTSUV3.5L/V6296/3708A265,000
RX 450H PRESTIGESUV3.5L/V6308/335E-CVT225,000
RX 45OH F SPORTSUV3.5L/V6308/335E-CVT265,000
GX 460 PREMIERSUV4.6L/V8292/4386A210,000
GX 460 PRESTIGESUV4.6L/V8292/4386A230,000
GX 460 PLATINUMSUV4.6L/V8292/4386A260,000
LX 570 PREMIERSUV5.7L/V8362/5308A385,000
LX 570 PRESTIGESUV5.7L/V8362/5308A425,000
LX 570 PLATINUMSUV5.7L/V8362/5308A450,000
Prices and specifications mentioned are subject to change. Last updated on March 27th, 2018.

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