Snorkeling & Scuba diving offers in Dubai

Discover Dubai’s underwater wonders with special scuba diving offers. Dive in and explore the incredible marine life with discounted packages.

Paradise Blue Diving & Snorkeling Club

Experience the wonders of the underwater world in Fujairah or Jumeirah with Paradise Blue Center. Choose from sea diving, snorkeling, or a boat trip and learn something new with our professional team. Enjoy these exciting adventures with special offers of up to 40% off.

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Orca Diving Center

Embark on an exhilarating underwater journey with the Try Dive Scuba Diving Experience at Orca Diving Center. Choose between two fantastic options: AED 179 for a single scuba diving experience or AED 349 for a thrilling adventure for two.

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Nemo Diving Centre

Uncover the magic of the underwater world with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience at Nemo Diving Centre. Get up to 57% off and enjoy a memorable dive. Learn essential diving skills, receive guidance, and capture your adventure with included photos.

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Bermuda Diving Center

Delve into the depths of adventure with a VIP Scuba Diving Tour at Bermuda Diving Center, now at a 46% discount. Join an experienced instructor for an unforgettable underwater journey. This package is perfect for one, two, or four participants and includes complimentary refreshments.

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Apnea Zone

Dive into the world of scuba with an incredible offer from Apnea Zone! Enjoy up to 80% off a scuba diving experience in a pool or open water, guided by a skilled instructor. Learn the fundamentals of diving in a safe environment before taking the plunge into open waters.

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