Burger King 5 for 25 Offer

Burger King 5 for 25 Offer

Indulge in Burger King delightful combo, 5 items for 25 AED including 4 pieces of crunchy nuggets, crispy fries, refreshing Coca-Cola, and coleslaw, paired with your choice of a mouthwatering Double Chicken Tasty or a Double Cheese Burger.

Lunch offer

Choose from Whopper Jr or Crispy Chicken Burger with 6 pieces of Nuggets, fries, and soft drink for AED 20 at Burger King outlets. Offer is valid from 12 to 4 PM!

Wrap offer

Enjoy the King’s Wrap collection for prices starting from AED 15 at Burger King outlets! Call 600522224 for more details.

Quattro Cheese offer

Looking for a cheesy treat? Try Burger King’s Quattro Cheese collection and taste the four delicious cheeses in every bite. Call 600522224 for more details.

Value Meal

Enjoy the King’s Value meal from Burger King for AED 11!  Call 600522224 for more details.

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