MMI International Beer day offers

Buy 2 cases and get 1 case FREE at MMI stores! Valid only from 4th to 6th August. RUN to your nearest MMI store.

Red Hot deals

Check out the Red hot deals on Wines, Champagnes, Spirits and Beers at MMI. Browse catalog for latest prices.

MMI Dubai, part of the Emirates Group, is a leading distributor of alcoholic beverages and luxury goods in the UAE. With a strong presence in Dubai, the outlet offers a wide range of wines, spirits, beers, and champagnes from renowned international brands. They operate retail outlets, catering to individual customers, and also serve the hospitality industry by supplying hotels, restaurants, and bars. MMI Dubai adheres to strict regulations surrounding alcohol purchase and consumption in the UAE, providing a convenient and reliable source for residents and non-Muslim tourists over the legal drinking age of 21. Click here for home delivery

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