Car detailing Offers in Dubai

Discover exceptional car detailing deals in Dubai with renowned brands like Manchester Tyres, Nanoshield Auto Services, and Al Meeraj Auto Works. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and performance through their expert services, reflecting the city’s commitment to luxury and excellence.

Full Detailing deals

Scratch & Dent Removal deals

Paint Protection deals

Full Detailing

Manchester Tyre Trading

Discover fantastic car rejuvenation offers! Select from five packages: Bronze (67% off), Silver (70% off), Gold (75% off), Platinum (75% off), or choose the Platinum package along with ceramic paint coating (70% off). Benefit from a comprehensive cleaning, polishing, waxing, and optional ceramic paint coating to restore your car’s allure.

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Nanoshield Auto Services

Select from three amazing car detailing packages: Silver (75% off), Gold (67% off), or Platinum (73% off). Treat your car to a comprehensive pampering session, which includes meticulous interior and exterior cleaning and polishing.

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Elite Shine Car

Experience the ultimate car transformation! Select from two options: AED 399 for full interior and exterior detailing with nano protection (sedans), or AED 429 for SUVs. Your car will undergo a comprehensive cleaning, polishing, and receive nano protection for added shine and stain resistance.

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Al Meeraj Auto Works

Select from five options: Bronze (67% off), Silver (70% off), Gold (75% off), Platinum (75% off), or Platinum with ceramic paint coating (69% off). Enjoy comprehensive cleaning, polishing, and the option to include a ceramic paint coating for extra protection and style.

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MySyara Auto Care

Choose from two fantastic options: Option 1 offers full car detailing for sedans at just AED 289, and Option 2 includes full car detailing for SUVs priced at AED 340.

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AME Auto

Enhance your driving pleasure with the Deep Interior and Exterior Detailing package offered by AME Auto Repairing, starting from just AED 229! Choose from two options: Option 1 provides Interior and Exterior car detailing for sedans, priced at AED 229, while Option 2 offers the same for SUVs at AED 289.

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Scratch & Dent Removal

Tornado Auto Services

With a remarkable 67% discount, customers can opt for a revitalizing service that eliminates unsightly dents, scratches, and even enhances the brightness of headlight beams. The offer presents a range of choices, from addressing a single panel to comprehensive care for four panels, all inclusive of computer diagnostics.

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Doctor Cars Auto General Repairing Co.

One-panel dent removal and painting at Doctor Cars Auto. The Multi Level Restoration Process includes scratch re-filling, primer work, precise painting, clear coating, meticulous polishing, and a final waxing for a flawless finish. Plus, enjoy exceptional discounts of 30% – 60% on various other vehicle services, making this a deal you won’t want to miss.

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Paint Protection deals

Aucust Car Care

The Basic package provides installation of Paint Protection Film on crucial areas such as the Front Bumper, Headlights, Fog Lights, Mirrors, and Door Edges. Stepping up, the Standard package extends coverage to include the Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Fog Lights, Mirrors, and Door Edges. For ultimate protection, the Premium package includes service and installation of Paint Protection Film on all painted surfaces and items mentioned in the Standard package. Get these benefitsl from AED 999 onwards

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Elite Shine Car Polish

Choose from four options: AED 999 for exterior nano ceramic protection (50% off) or AED 1,299 for interior and exterior protection (63% off) for sedans; AED 1,199 for exterior protection (60% off) or AED 1,499 for interior and exterior protection (63% off) for SUVs/4x4s. Benefit from high gloss, water-repelling efficiency, and heat resistance..

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