FEMME FATALE: A Noir-Inspired Immersive Adventure

From the creators of the renowned murder mysteries at Flashback Speakeasy, a new experience awaits. Step into the seductive world of film noir as Flashback Speakeasy invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey with the debut of “Femme Fatale.” Delve into an immersive blend of culinary excellence and theatrical intrigue within the clandestine walls of the renowned Flashback Speakeasy.

Date & Location
23 May, Thu – 27 Jun, Thu
Flashback Speakeasy Bar, Dubai

Prices from
299.00 AED

Immerse yourself in a world where shadows dance with light, amidst an atmosphere dripping with mystery and sophistication. Live music sets the tone as guests become part of the unfolding drama, engaging with characters and embarking on their own narrative journey.

Indulge in a gastronomic extravaganza with our exclusive package, meticulously curated to elevate your experience. Delight in a tantalizing four-course set menu themed after film noir, with each dish a culinary masterpiece crafted to perfection. Complement your meal with an exclusive cocktail selection that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also adds depth to the unfolding story.

Secure your place in this mesmerizing journey into the past by booking your table today. With limited availability, this Thursday night escape promises an unforgettable evening of intrigue and entertainment that transcends the ordinary.

Join us at Flashback Speakeasy, where history, mystery, and theatrical excellence converge to create an experience unlike any other.

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