Gladiator Summit

For one day only, the Gladiator Summit will be hosting 14 world renowned speakers and entrepreneurs. A full day of education, inspiration, life changing lessons and mind blowing entertainment. The Gladiator Summit is a day that you will never forget nor would you want to.

Date & Location
27th April 2024
Conference Hall, Banyan Tree

Prices from
575 AED

We’re giving you exclusive access to lessons from 14 internationally-leading speakers who have accumulated a following of 30 million people by sharing their priceless lessons, in over 200 countries, so that you don’t suffer the same pain and heartache they have.

Our world renowned speakers include:

Dariush Soudi:

– Named Gulf Business ‘Most Inspiring Entrepreneur in the Middle East for several consecutive years with over 40 years of experience in starting and building businesses.
– Online following of over 20 million users and featured in Arabian Business, Gulf Business, Khaleej Times, Aspire Magazine,, The Hollywood Blast, Bizpreneur and Gulf News.
– Creator and Host of the UAE’s Most Watched Podcast, In The ARENA with Dariush Soudi.

Feel empowered with Dariush Soudi as he shares his expertise on techniques, mindset and discipline needed to succeed in life. He will inspire you to preserve and continue moving forward so that you can achieve lifelong abundance.

Marisa Peer:
– Renowned as the Founder of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), over 17,000 certifications registered.
– Globally recognized therapist serving elite clientele including international celebrities, CEOs, and Olympic athletes. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, NBC, BBC, and The Times.
– Voted Britain’s Woman Of The Year and Entrepreneur of the Year, and received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marisa Peer is providing priceless lessons on how to become the CEO of your mind, unlock your potential and how to have it all without compromising.

Sara Al Madani:
– Serial Entrepreneur and Investor in Tech, Fashion, FNB, and Marketing as well as the youngest Member on the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry board.
– International speaker with appearances on TedX and MindValley. – International celebrity on critically acclaimed television shows on the Bravo Network.

Fame by Sheeraz:
– No.1 Celebrity Strategist with clients including Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian
– Managed campaigns for Hollywood A-listers, Fortune 500 companies and international influencers from around the globe, generating over $3 billion in earned media
– Sheeraz has also been a media consultant for Johnson & Johnson, P&G, AB In Bev, Gillette and the governmental agencies of several countries in the Middle East when they need to execute campaigns with A-list talent.

Jay-Jay Live:
– Sought-after expert in personal branding, public relations and media with 57 million views in 150 countries.
– Worked with 500 of the largest global corporations including BMW, Virgin, Sony, Starbucks, Google and Coca Cola.
– Renowned speaker providing over 250,000 individuals with insight and strategies.

Create an international online brand with Jay-Jay. He will be sharing why having a strong online presence is the future, how to gain more trust and how to scale your business or personal brand with content.

Dr Anand Menon:
– The first individual to be selected by the United Nations to train and support the Somaliland government.
– Trained over 50,000 individuals across 15 continents and a client list of over 50 companies in 7 different industries .
– Barnes and Noble’s Best Selling Author.

Make change with Dr Anand’s unique and thought provoking speech on how to create goals, stay positive in the face of defeat and the principles needed to succeed.

Jamie Fraser:
– Founder and CEO of InterEx Group valued at $72 Million.
– With his step by step strategies, Jamie has taken social media by storm with achieving 401K followers in less than 6 months.
– Multi-award winning CEO, including ‘Great Britain’s Entrepreneur of 2023’

Through his personal story, Jamie will be teaching you how to master your mindset, overcome hurdles that have been fabricated by your environment or set by society.

Daniel Mangena:

– Made and lost millions, twice before the age of 23.
– Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, FOX, CBS and named ‘Master of Success’ by the Wall Street Journal.
– Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and instead of letting it stop him, he used it to empower himself and become an international coach of millions of individuals.

Daniel will help you understand the importance of your environment, alignment and the holistic approach to growth. Learn how pain can be used to create change in your life.

Jigar Sagar:
– Founder of over 15 ventures valued at over $350 million
– Managing Partner of the largest business setup advisory firm in Dubai, since 2020
– He founded Set Hub in 2015 (formerly known as Business Incorporation Zone), which has successfully brought to life more than 25,000 companies.

Understand how to scale your business in the fastest time possible from Jigar’s foundational pillars; people, process, technology and finance.

Sheikh Saifuddin:
– 10 years of experience in building e-commerce businesses, having founded 9 companies.
– Serial Investor in various industries including Real Estate, Web3 and E-commerce.
– Globally recognized as a pioneer in modern technology.

Understand the art of receiving with Sheikh so that you can easily attract your dream life.

John Davy:
– Highly serial entrepreneur, speaker and investor with expertise in building high-growth companies, digital marketing and high-yield property development.
– Founded and invested in over 40 companies with a valuation worth multi-millions.
– Co-produced over 70 television shows of stand up broadcast on the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

Explore unique and proven digital marketing strategies with John as he shares his experience after building over 40 companies.

Seif El Hakim:
– Internationally acclaimed businessman, entrepreneur, investor, business strategist & advisor and a highly decorated Global CEO.
– 15+ years of international experience in UAE, Egypt, Turkey, CIS Region, UK, and South Korea.
– Run an 8 figure business portfolio covering marketing, personal branding, e-commerce, retail management, consumer electronics and much more.
Learn the foundational pillars to personal branding and entrepreneurship so that you can take control of your life and achieve goals that may seem beyond your reach.

Julie Lewis:

– Seasoned speaker, adventurer, entrepreneur and resilience consultant who challenges and changes the way people think, act and dream.
– Three decades of experience in leading multinational teams in challenging and unpredictable environments.
– Her programs are backed by her science based academic studies to create memorable and actionable strategies that can be applied immediately to build, boost and broaden resilience in business, life.

We all have strengths that we can tap into to navigate change, manage stress, be happier and healthier and build better relationships. Learn the secret to discovering and applying them with Julie.

Eric Edmeades:
– Founder of WILDFIT and world leading expert in nutritional health.
– Serial entrepreneur with experience in wireless networking, military research, Hollywood film production, and award-winning and life-saving medical simulation.
– Eric is a leading authority in Behavioral Change Dynamics.
– International stage appearances shared with Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton.

With special entertainment provided Mind2Mind, Dubai’s critically acclaimed mentalist duo.

The Gladiator Summit is not for the weak, the lazy, the pessimistic or victims who pass blame. Instead this event is for the dreamers, the optimists and those who are not afraid of change or hard work.

Date: 27 April, 2024.
Time: 9AM – 7PM.
Location: Conference Hall, Banyan Tree Dubai, Bluewaters Island.

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