Hai Ramadan in Dubai

Hai Ramadan invites you to savor the enchantments of a traditional Emirati neighborhood. Explore the lively souk, unveiling unique shopping experiences with handmade crafts, traditional garments, and exquisite Ramadan-themed items. Engage in kids’ workshops, delving into Emirati traditions and crafts, creating cherished memories.

Date & Location
11 Mar, Mon – 09 Apr, Tue
Expo City

Prices from
20 AED

As the sun sets, enjoy captivating performances with Rashid and Latifa, embarking on a heartfelt journey to find the moon, illuminating the significance of fasting in Ramadan. Don’t miss the iconic Dubai cannon, back for its 2nd year, firing off daily to signify the time to break the fast.

Indulge in these fantastic on-site Iftar choices:

  • Oasis Iftar: Experience the essence of unity at the Oasis Food Hall, emphasizing family-friendly dining.
  • Surreal Iftar: Set against the captivating backdrop of the Surreal water feature, this iftar promises to be an unforgettable event.

Every visit to Hai Ramadan is a celebration of culture, cuisine, and immersive traditions.

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