Masquerave feat Peggy Gou at Louvre Abu Dhabi

Enjoy a ‘Masquerave’ experience and dance the night away under the iconic dome.

A Masquerave wouldn’t be complete without a mask, which is why we’re giving you a selection of masks to choose from, inspired by the animal characters in our latest exhibition, From Kalila Wa Dimna to La Fontaine: Travelling through Fables. Are you feeling mischievous and playful like The Monkey or clever and cunning like The Fox, or perhaps you want that air of wisdom and mystery that being The Owl brings? No matter your mood, there’s a mask for you.

Date & Location
27 Apr, Sat
Louvre Abu Dhabi

Prices from
345 AED

So come and experience an evening filled with dazzling performances and electro-dance beats spun by Peggy Gou.

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