PAGTATAG! SB19 World Tour in Dubai

SB19, the multi-awarded Filipino boy group behind the viral hit song ‘GENTO’ is set to finally bring their thrilling EP “PAGTATAG!” In Dubai. Mark your calendars for PAGTATAG! SB19 WORLD TOUR happening on April 24, 2024, at The Agenda – Dubai Media City. 

Date & Location
24th April
The Agenda Venues FZC LLC

Prices from
208.95 AED

After over five years since their debut, SB19, comprised of Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin, continues to defy expectations with their unique sound and boundless talent.

Fans are in for an unforgettable experience as the globally renowned group performs tracks from their EP “PAGTATAG!” SB19 remains at the forefront of innovation, introducing fresh sounds and exploring new genres in this exciting new era.

SB19 made history as the first Southeast Asian and Filipino act nominated for the Billboard Music Awards’ Top Social Artist in 2021. They also made waves by becoming the first Filipino act to chart on the international Billboard Social 50 and Next Big Sound Charts.

After a triumphant North American Tour in the first half of 2023, SB19 has announced the final leg of their Asian tour, with Dubai as the penultimate destination. Fans, known as A’TIN, in the UAE and around the globe can anticipate a thrilling concert experience featuring a full setlist of beloved tracks such as ‘GENTO’, ‘CRIMZONE’, ‘BAZINGA’, and more.

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