Essence of Love

She is a museum worker, he is a plumber. He loves beer, she loves Picasso paintings. Can the characters learn to understand each other, and will they want to change? Many funny and touching moments await them on the path to a miracle.

Two actors and four oddballs, Very different, although similar to you, You’ve probably seen them before, Or maybe you’ll meet them later. Someone says: Come to me! Someone mutters: Get away from here. Someone is happy briefly in a dream, Someone achieves a miracle in reality. There is only one sensual power, Don’t resist, be conquered, It’s impossible to uproot passion, If love has a good root!

Starring theater and film stars: Dmitry Nazarov (“Kitchen,” “Challenge,” “Law”) Olga Vasilyeva (“Kitchen,” “Tobol,” “Station”) Natalya Trukhan

Director: Sergey Shchedrin Playwright: Anna Bereza Age rating: 2+ (younger children are allowed and can be seated on parent’s laps). Buy Tickets →

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