Valentine’s Love Fest 

Embrace the Journey to Love with Three Simple Steps:
1. Book Your Ticket: Secure your spot in what promises to be the most enchanting singles event Dubai has ever seen.
2. Get Ready for Love: We understand that love is not just about meeting the right person, but also about being ready for them. That’s why we’re providing an exclusive training video from a renowned love coach Sunny Sekhon designed to prepare your heart for the journey ahead.
3. Arrive Ready for Love & Fun: On the day, come with an open heart and the willingness to dive into an evening filled with endless possibilities.

Date & Location
14th Feb 2024
VICE Ramee Dream Hotel

Prices from
50.00 AED

An Evening of Enchantment Awaits:

Join us on 14th February 2024 at 7 PM at Vice, set against the backdrop of Dubai’s glittering skyline, prepare to be swept off your feet with an evening that’s as magical as the quest for love itself. Our event will feature:
• Breathtaking Fire Shows: Watch the sparks fly, literally, with performances that mirror the potential sparks between you and someone special.
• Mesmerizing Acrobats: Let the gravity-defying acts inspire you to take the leap of faith into love.
• Euphoric Beats by Top DJs: Dance the night away under the stars, with music that resonates with the beats of your heart.

This isn’t just another singles event; it’s a gateway to genuine connections and stories of love waiting to unfold. Whether it’s the thrill of a fire show, the magic of an acrobatic performance, or the pulse of the dance floor, every moment is designed to open your heart to love.

Seize the Moment:
In a city as dynamic as Dubai, true connections can feel like a desert mirage. This Valentine’s Day, at Vice, let’s turn that mirage into an oasis of love. Book your ticket, prepare your heart, and step into an evening where love is not just found but celebrated in its most genuine form.

Don’t miss out on the chance to write your own love story. Join us on 14th February 2024 at 7 PM, and let’s unveil the magic of love together.

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