Village Comedy in Dubai

Get ready for a laughter-filled night at the Irish Village with Village Comedy, featuring the comedic genius of Miqdaad, Ian Coppinger, and Eric Lalor.

Date & Location
24 Jan, Wed – 26 Jan, Fri
Dubai Studio City and Irish Village

Prices from
99 AED

Miqdaad Dohadwala, with his roots in India, brings a unique cultural perspective to his comedy. Renowned for his sharp wit and observational humor, Miqdaad has charmed audiences across various international stages, showcasing his comedic prowess with a touch of cultural flair.
Ian Coppinger and Eric Lalor are Irish comedians known for their quick-fire delivery and impeccable timing.

Together, these three comedians bring a diverse range of experiences and comedic styles to the stage at the Irish Village. Their backgrounds and perspectives contribute to a dynamic and entertaining comedy showcase that promises an evening of laughter and cultural insights.

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