Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Payment : Discounts and Easy Instalment Plans

If you’ve received a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi, paying it off is not only easy but can also be cheaper and more manageable if you act promptly. The Abu Dhabi Police offers two services to help motorists settle their fines conveniently: an early payment discount and an installment plan.

Early Payment Discount: Motorists can save up to 35% on their traffic fines if paid within two months of the violation. After this period, a 25% discount is available for payments made within one year.

Installment Plan: For those unable to pay the full amount at once, fines can be broken down into smaller, manageable payments over several months.

Steps to Pay Your Traffic Fine:

  1. Receive Notification:
    • An SMS will be sent to your registered number, detailing the traffic fine, including the car number plate, date, location of the violation, and the fine amount.
    • The SMS will also include a link to the Tamm website.
  2. View Fine Details:
    • Click on the link to view the fine amount and applicable discount.
    • The maximum discount of 35% is available if paid within two months. After two months, the discount reduces to 25%, available up to one year from the violation date.
  3. Proceed to Pay:
    • Scroll down and select the ‘Proceed to pay’ option.
    • You will be directed to the payment platform where you can enter your credit card details or use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.
    • For installment plans, ensure you use a credit card.
  4. Set Up Installments:
    • After completing the payment, select the ‘check installment’ option.
    • You will be shown a list of banks partnered with Abu Dhabi Police to offer installment services.
    • Choose your bank and tap on ‘Request installment’ next to the bank name.
    • Enter your credit card number and choose the installment period (three, six, or 12 months).
    • Enter your name as it appears on the credit card and send the request.
  5. Confirmation:
    • A confirmation message will indicate that your request has been processed.
    • The reduced amount will be added to your credit card bill.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and reduce your traffic fines, taking advantage of the discounts and flexible payment options provided by Abu Dhabi Police.

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