Carpet Cleaning offers in Dubai

Uncover attractive carpet cleaning offers in Dubai, where professional services like Carpet Pro, Just Life and the likes ensure your carpets regain their pristine look. These trusted names use advanced techniques to remove dirt and stains, delivering a refreshed and hygienic atmosphere to your space. Take advantage of their expertise and competitive rates to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your carpets.

E K A Y Laundry LLC

Experience professional carpet cleaning with this deal: AED 69 for up to 5 square metres (45% off), AED 149 for up to 10 square metres (40% off), or AED 199 for up to 15 square metres (47% off). This offer includes convenient pick-up and delivery, ensuring clean and tidy carpets for a variety of room sizes.

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Eco Guardians

Highlights of this deal include a comprehensive five-square-metre carpet or curtain deep cleaning service. The process involves dry vacuuming to remove dust and dirt, scrubbing and shampooing to eliminate stains, steaming for sanitization and disinfection, and a final wet vacuum to ensure thorough drying. It’s important to note that the carpet may remain wet for up to 4 hours after the shampoo cleaning, so it’s advisable to consider this during the service.

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Carpet Pro

Carpet Pro is a reputable carpet washing service operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Their comprehensive cleaning process includes pick-up, automated washing, stain removal, and doorstep delivery. Services can be booked online or via their contact number: +971-50-689-2050. Conveniently located at Unit 2, Warehouse 174, Dubai Dry Docks (Jadaf), they operate from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm.

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Just Life

The carpet cleaning process includes an on-site examination, pre-cleaning with furniture rearrangement, thorough vacuuming, targeted spot treatment, deep shampooing, strong suction for quick drying, and a final verification to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

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Neat and Net

This deal offers a deep cleaning service for carpets and curtains, providing an opportunity to restore them to their original glory. The offer includes three options based on size: AED 70 for five square metres (44% off), AED 140 for ten square metres (44% off), and AED 210 for fifteen square metres (44% off). A great opportunity to refresh your fabric with substantial savings.

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Crisp and Clean

Revitalize your carpets and mattresses with this cleaning service offered at two Dubai locations. Choose from four options: AED 79 for up to five square meters of carpet cleaning (25% off), AED 159 for up to ten square meters of carpet cleaning (24% off), AED 49 for single mattress cleaning (45% off), and AED 89 for double mattress cleaning (44% off).

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