Sofa & Mattress cleaning deals in Dubai

Introducing unbeatable sofa and mattress cleaning deals in Dubai, brought to you by the experts in home revitalization. Experience top-notch hygiene and unmatched cleanliness as years of dirt, allergens, and stains are expertly eliminated from your cherished furniture.

VI Cleaning Services

Experience a rejuvenated ambiance with this deep cleaning deal covering sofas, mattresses, and carpets. Using a thorough shampooing process, your upholstery will be left refreshingly pristine. Available in various prominent areas from World Trade Center to Jebel Ali, including Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and more. Operational from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm for prices starting from AED 40.

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Xpress Maids

Skilled professionals will revitalize sofas, mattresses, kids’ car seats, and strollers. Choose from a range of options: AED 49 for a one-seater sofa, AED 67 for a two-seater, AED 99 for a three- or four-seater, AED 125 for a five-seater sofa, AED 59 for a single mattress, AED 125 for a queen/king mattress, and AED 119 for a car seat and stroller. Enjoy thorough vacuuming, shampoo cleaning, and drying with a high suction machine. Note that furniture will be 80% dry post-service and requires complete air-drying.

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Good and well Cleaning Services

Experience a chemical-free marvel as dust mites, dead skin, and bacteria are effortlessly banished from your carpets and mattresses through the potency of steam. Opt for the perfect deal: AED 49 for carpet dry and steam cleaning (2ft by 2ft), AED 69 for baby crib mattress steam cleaning, or AED 99 for double bed mattress steam cleaning, complete with one quilt and two pillows. Our skilled technicians employ specialized equipment, ensuring a thorough process that embraces both sides of the mattress. This pet-friendly technique occurs within the comfort of your home and is applicable in Dubai and Sharjah.

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CLN Building Cleaning Services

Indulge in the ultimate refreshment for your home essentials with the deep cleaning deals. Enjoy the luxury of having your mattress, carpet, or sofa thoroughly washed and disinfected, ensuring a pristine living space. This offer is valid exclusively in the vibrant city of Dubai for prices starting from AED 39.

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Amazon Mattress Cleaning

The process includes the removal of dirt, debris, and dust through efficient dry vacuuming, followed by addressing stains and odors using wet vacuuming techniques. The service provider equips you with all the necessary cleaning tools, and the chosen materials are tailored to be gentle on your mattress. It’s worth noting that any extra services needed may incur additional charges, ensuring that your specific cleaning requirements are met with precision and satisfaction.

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Amazon Sofa Cleaning

Furniture cleaning services in Dubai comprise comprehensive dry vacuuming for dirt removal, wet vacuuming to tackle stains and odors, provision of essential cleaning equipment, and use of materials gentle on sofa fabric. Notably, sofa drying using machinery is not included, requiring additional time for post-cleaning drying.

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