What is Dubaisavers.com?

dubaisavers.com features all the latest shopping, dining, Spa, Salon and local activities deals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The site features information on Sales Promotions, coupon deals, exchange offers, raffles, Sweepstakes, contests, all you can eat, Sunday brunch deals and happy hours etc. Apart from promotions we also features news on new arrivals, events and just opened outlets. We ensure you that by visiting the website you will never miss a good deal in Dubai whether you are a resident or a tourist.

What are the benefits for business owners?

If print and audio-visual media advertising were the key channels to reach consumers in the last era, dubaisavers.com is the pioneer in the new era of interactive and on- demand media. dubaisavers.com makes traditional media irrelevant by its unique features. Following are the key advantages for business owners

  • Wider reach than newspapers and other traditional Medias.
  • Interactivity and convenience
  • Inexpensive and affordable to all
  • Non-intruding and consumer on demand content
  • Reach to a targeted socio-economic profiled consumers
  • Longer campaign life

Can I sell an item through Dubaisavers.com?

No. You cannot sell any physical or digital goods through Dubaisavers.com. The website only features information on latest deals offered by various stores, services, and restaurants with detailed information on where it is available, how long and how to avail it.

How can I feature a promotion or news on Dubaisavers.com website

You can feature your latest offers on Dubaisavers.com website by signing up for one of our deal listing packages.

Is there a limit on the number of deals I can feature on the site?


How long will my advertisement stay online?

Minimum 1 day and maximum 30 days is the duration of a listing. You can always renew the listing on its expiry date for another duration of your choice.