Dubai Public Parks Shift Away from Nol Cards

Several public parks in Dubai have ceased accepting Nol cards. Residents who recently visited parks in various areas of Dubai noted this change.

A customer service agent at Dubai Municipality stated that the Nol card payment system was removed from most Dubai parks following a partnership signed between Du and Dubai Municipality in October 2023.

The partnership aims to introduce innovative solutions for ticketless entry, seamless identity management, improved worker satisfaction, tech skills, and sustainability in public parks. Du’s CEO, Fahad Al Hassawi, expressed the goal of eliminating the need for physical tickets and creating a cutting-edge identity management system.

However, there is an exception to the new system, as ticketing in Dubai’s Quranic park still operates under the Nol card system.

Deira resident, Tasmiyah A was surprised to find their local park no longer accepting Nol cards as a mode of payment. Instead, they now purchase tickets with barcodes scanned upon entry.

Zabeel Park implemented the change in October of the previous year, according to a representative. Now, park-goers can buy tickets with cash or credit cards, which are scanned at entrance machines replacing the previous Nol card machines.

Some parks, such as Safa Park, are offering a smart payment option through mobile phones, allowing visitors to use Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay for a ticketless entry process. However, this system is still in the process of being rolled out across all parks.

While the ticket prices remain the same, the mode of transaction has changed. In 2017, Dubai Municipality made it mandatory for park-goers to own a Nol card for entry. The introduction of this new system marks the end of an era for residents who were accustomed to using their Nol cards for park visits.

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