Dubai RTA’s New Vehicle Ownership Transfer Rules: Key Updates

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has taken a significant leap forward by introducing a seamless online platform for vehicle ownership transfer, eliminating the need for physical visits to service centers. This groundbreaking move streamlines the process, enhancing customer satisfaction and setting a new standard for efficiency and convenience in the transport sector. With a user-friendly video guide available on their website, Dubai residents can now experience a swift and hassle-free ownership transfer experience. This transformative initiative promises to revolutionize vehicle ownership transfers and serves as a model for other cities in embracing smart and efficient transportation services.

Steps to transfer vehicle ownership

  • Go to the official RTA website
  • Login to the portal with a registered username and password or create one
  • Customers can also access the portal with the UAE Pass
  • Navigate to ‘Licensing Services’ and click on ‘Vehicles’
  • Select the type of vehicle to be sold and click continue
  • Select ‘Change Ownership’ under the ‘Vehicle Licensing Services’ tab
  • UAE Pass account details will be verified
  • Select buyer and enter the requested details
  • Buyer will receive an SMS to confirm the purchase
  • Current number plates can be returned to RTA or kept by the original owner by selecting the ‘Keep your owned number plate option’
  • Click on ‘I hereby approve the terms & conditions of the service’
  • Buyer will receive an SMS to confirm the transaction and sign the purchase agreement, verify UAE Pass and agree to terms and conditions
  • Following the buyer’s confirmation, the seller will receive an SMS to sign the sales purchase agreement, pay fees and approve terms and conditions
  • Buyer will have to pay a knowledge fee of AED20 and a selling contract fee of AED400 for light vehicles
  • UAE Pass will be verified
  • Accept, confirm and finalise the service

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