Great Online Sale is back!

The Great Online Sale is returning with incredible deals across various categories including clothing, luxury beauty products, popular tech, electronics, and more. This three-day shopping extravaganza, happening from March 29th to 31st, offers discounts of up to 95% exclusively online.

Complete list of online stores participating in the Great online Sale

Brand NameDiscount Offered
AmazonUp to 50% off
6thstreet.com30-70% off
Centrepoint30-70% off
Noon.comUp to 80% off
X-pressionsUp to 90% off
United Furniture30-80% off
Coral Perfumes30-75% off
Hanayen30-60% off
Alessandro Borelli30-50% off
THAT30-50% off
The Watch House30-60% off
Splash30-70% off
The Red Carpet40-70% off
OTAQ Home30-60% off
Lululemon30-50% off
Shiseido Ginza Tokyo30% off
Crate & Barrel30-75% off
Parasol50% off
Better Life30-80% off
Reebok30-60% off
V Perfumes30-75% off
Giant40-60% off
Beyond The Beach30-60% off
Beyond The Bike40-60% off
Boardriders40-70% off
Puma30-50% off
Springfield50-70% off
THE FACE SHOP30-50% off
Home Box30-60% off
V Brand Gallery30-75% off
Bath & Body WorksUp to 70% off
Pan Home50-90% off
Mall of the Emirates30-60% off
Rivoli Shop30-80% off
Brands For LessUp to 90% off
Homes R Us30-90% off
Damas30% off
Dune London30-50% off
Tommy Hilfiger30-50% off
Ghawali30-50% off
CB230-50% off
Alfardan JewelleryUp to 50% off
SHEINUp to 80% off
Kiabi50% off
Maje50% off
IKEAUp to 50% off
Babies & More30%-50% off
Aldo30-50% off
Rituals30% off
Eros30-80% off
Steve Madden40-80% off
Beverley Hills Polo Club30-50% off
F5 Global30-70% off
EmaxUp to 75% off
Jumbo30% off
Otaku ME30-70% off
Speedex30% off
Indigo Living30-55% off
Koala LivingUp to 50% off
Ted Baker30-50% off
Bed Quarter FurnitureUp to 50% off
Mom Store30-90% off
Styli30-70% off
La Marquise Jewellery30% off
Ounass30-50% off
LEGO®30% off
Sharaf DG30-95% off

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