Nike’s Jordan opens new store in The Dubai Mall

Jordan Brand has opened a concept store in the Dubai Mall. In NIKE Inc.’s vision for the connected marketplace of the future, the sport-focused layout and visceral experience of Dubai’s first physical store is complemented by intuitive solutions of digital shopping to create a refined, sensory space that connects fans of the brand to artistic traditions within the region.

The 2,500-square-foot Dubai store is inspired by Jordan doors like Jumpman LA, Jordan 1 Hongxing in Chengdu and Jordan 9 Guanghua in Beijing and will be stocked with the latest Jordan Brand footwear and apparel styles. The store includes digital features, such as in-store pickup, and the space is curated with fine art from a variety of artists including Jason Seife, a Syrian-American artist who replicates the patterns of traditional Persian carpets onto canvas.

Seife sees showcasing works in-store as an opportunity to push an established medium in a new direction. Just as he reimagines Persian carpets, Seife joins Jordan Brand in reimagining physical stores, and the role of art within them.

“It’s exciting to see the line between design and art-making continue to blur thanks to projects like this,” said Jason. “Between artists like myself and Jordan Brand, we can create in-store experiences that highlight the products alongside the art, helping connect this cool relationship among artwork, inspiration and product excellence.”

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