Rimon Market, First Jewish Supermarket opens

Rimon Market

Rimon Market is the first-ever kosher supermarket in the Gulf region. The over 130 square meter supermarket opened in Dubai on 13th Dec 2022.

Named after the Hebrew word for pomegranate, Rimon, the supermarket offers quality kosher produce imported from Israel, Europe and the U.S. This includes meat and chicken products that are Kosher Mehudar, one of the highest certifications possible, for those with more strict requirements. 

Those staying in Dubai during the Jewish rest day of Shabbat – when cooking is prohibited – will be able to pick up hot meals. The food market offers fresh home cooking from various ethnic cuisines, available for the influx of Jewish visitors or anyone wanting to try different Jewish dishes.  

Traditional Israeli snacks are also featured, including the beloved peanut-butter-flavored snack, Bamba. And, of course, the second-best-selling Israeli snack is available as well, Bissli, in its wide range of flavors, including favorites “barbecue” and “grill.” 

Rimon is set to answer the growing local demand for kosher and loved Jewish and Israeli products in light of the significant increase in the number of Jewish people traveling and relocating to the UAE. The initiative comes from the UAE’s Jewish community, headed by Rabbi to the UAE Rabbi Levi Duchman and community members Sonia and Alec Sellem, with support and encouragement from the local authorities.

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