Ever Wondered Why Cadbury Packaging Is Purple?

The iconic purple packaging of Cadbury chocolates holds a historical significance that dates back to 1914. It was introduced as a tribute to Queen Victoria, and ever since, the distinctive color has helped Cadbury stand out among its rivals. In 2004, the company faced a legal challenge when it sought to trademark the specific shade of purple, known as Pantone 2865c.

Rival chocolate maker Nestle opposed Cadbury’s trademark application, arguing that there should be no exclusive claim to the color. The legal battle ensued, and it wasn’t until 2012 that a verdict was reached. Judge Colin Birss rejected Nestle’s appeal, stating that the evidence clearly demonstrated that the shade of purple had become distinctive of Cadbury’s milk chocolate.

As a result of this ruling, Cadbury’s purple packaging remains unique to their milk chocolate bars, tablets, and drinking chocolate. The legal journey underscores the enduring connection between Cadbury and its royal heritage, while also solidifying the purple packaging as a symbol of Cadbury’s rich history and delicious treats.

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