Car Wash offers in Dubai

Dubai offers a range of car wash options, from established brands like Autopro and Dynatrade to innovative solutions like Geowash. Carcility connects car owners with wash centers, reflecting convenience in this luxury-focused city. With eco-friendly choices and frequent promotions, keeping your vehicle clean is effortless, maintaining its appeal amidst Dubai’s cosmopolitan vibe.

Autopro Special offer

Don’t miss the special ProWash deal: AED 20 for a shiny saloon car and AED 25 for a spotless 4×4 car wash. Terms and conditions apply. Offer available at select ProWash locations. Hurry, it’s a limited-time offer!

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Get your car looking pristine with our high-quality professional wash – an amazing offer for just AED 20!

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Restore your car’s former glory with a manual wash service, available at convenient locations in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, all for just starting from AED 14. Keep your vehicle looking impeccable with this fantastic deal!

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Zone Auto Care

Indulge in a comprehensive manual car wash that includes pre-soaking, shampooing, gentle cloth rinsing, tyre cleaning, interior vacuuming, and tyre polishing. Upgrade to the full wash for an even more extensive cleaning experience, featuring under chassis cleaning, carriage section cleaning, meticulous dashboard, seats, roof, and floor cleaning, all topped off with dashboard polishing. This exceptional service is available in Dubai, starting from AED 129.

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MySyara Auto Care

Benefit from the convenience of doorstep car wash services by MySyara, ensuring you skip queues while enjoying eco-friendly, waterless options. Choose from a doorstep saloon car wash or a doorstep SUV/4×4 car wash, all in Dubai for AED 25.

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Royal Prince Auto Car Care

Nano Package starts from AED 99. A thorough car care solution including WURTH’s premium car shampoo body wash, dashboard cleaning and polishing with specialized products, glass windshield cleaning, complete interior vacuum cleaning, trunk bay vacuum cleaning, tire polish, and a comprehensive health check

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