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The Museum of Illusions offers mind-bending, eye-tricking and absolutely captivating experience. It is a fun and educational place for people of different ages. Moreover, visiting the Museum of fantastic Illusions guests can take a lot of incredible photos for their Instagram and TikTok stories.

  • The Vortex Tunnel 

is the only tunnel of its kinds in the UAE where you cross a bridge inside a rotating cylinder, making you believe that the bridge is swaying and shaking!

  • The Anti-Gravity Room, Rotated Room and Ames Room 

These epic rooms bend reality, allows you to resist gravity, making it appear you’re standing upside down. The Ames Room makes you appear a giant and your friend dwarf even if you appear to be standing at the same level of ground!

  • Puzzles, Optical Illusions and Brain Teasers

There are also a lot of tricky games and puzzles that you can try such as the Impossible Knots, Math Games, several optical illusions display that seems to be impossible you cannot believe your own eyes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have firsthand experience of the House of Optical Illusions!

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About Museum of Illusions

Based in Al Seef, Dubai’s culture and heritage area, the Museum of Illusions welcome children and adults alike to step into the world of visual and sensory illusions. Among others, the experiences include a vortex tunnel, anti-gravity room and a chair of illusions, as well as holograms and turntables. There is also an on-site playroom where visitors of all ages can challenge their grey cells with a variety of brain teasers, mathematical games and puzzles

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