Play DXB offers

Play DXB Dubai Mall is first-of-its-kind attraction for the Middle East, set across two levels, spanning 7,000 sqm and located in Dubai Mall

Buy tickets from AED 199.50


•  Explore Play DXB Dubai, one of the UAE’s largest VR and AR parks, in Dubai Mall.
•  Enjoy 18 interactive rides, including Burj Drop for a thrilling Burj Khalifa experience.
•  Experience Dubai’s iconic activities with a twist, from dune bashing to Dubai Drone set in 2050.
•  Step into movie-based attractions like John Wick Chronicles and The Mummy.
•  Engage in multiplayer VR games like The Raft.
•  Kid-friendly attractions ensure a fun family outing.  

What’s included in the ticket
•  Play DXB Dubai ‘Pay & Play’ Pass 

Location : Level 2, The Dubai Mall

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